Weight Loss Embarassement

I don’t tell people that I’m trying to lose weight.

I say that my stomach hurts to explain away saying no to cake. I tell people that I’m meeting friends at the gym to ensure that I couldn’t break my plans with the elliptical. And I pay no attention to how my clothes fit so that people don’t know how often I think of my body.

I don’t like drawing attention to the fact that I’m trying to be healthier.

And I know exactly why:

I don’t want the embarrassment that comes with professing to be so devoted to my health, only to renege on my goals and go back to openly professing my love of brownie style cookies.

Because that’s what happens. A lot. I prove exactly how much I’d like to get and stay fit by going to the gym every day, eating exactly the right foods, and beinga model of excellence for all of those with similar goals. And then something happens that makes me slip (that unknowable force that suddenly takes away the happiness you feel when running and leaves your only source of satisfaction as entirely dependent on consuming an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s) and I’m left floundering to explain to those same people that I suddenly don’t have plans with friends at the gym and that my stomach is miraculously feeling better and do you have any extra cheese I can put on this sandwich?

It’s embarrassing.

cupcake marathon

I know that it would be good to get support from those around me, and I know that so many people would be there to cheer me on if I could only be open and honest with them, but that’s hard when I’ve rightfully come to expect failure from myself.


Countdown to Christmas Workout

Just because our challenge concludes tomorrow does’t mean that you have to stop challenging yourself to be happy and healthy! I love how other people seem to be really getting into the swing of fitness during these winter months

Winter Workouts

It’s chilly, you don’t want to run outside and tennis hasn’t seemed like a viable option since September.

don't run to bed

You can either brave the cold while you workout outside, or you could mix up your routine and focus on activities that you could do inside or that are specifically winter-focused:










How do you mix things up for your fitness routine when winter arrives?

Fitness with the Fam!

I’ve noticed that a good amount of the participants in this challenge are actively involved with having a family. They are in relationships with people who require constant attention, must be cleaned and cooked for, and should always have time devoted to them and their needs.

Little do those family members know, they are also your new workout buddies!

family exercise

Why not try adding a little familial love to your workout sessions. I’ve compiled a list of links that provide some good ideas on how to incorporate your loved ones into your healthy lifestyle:







What do you like doing with your family to keep everyone fit and healthy? Or do you prefer to workout solo?

All the Challenges!

The Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge that I’m hosting is probably not the first time you’ve ever partaken in a challenge. It may, however, be the first time that you’ve partaken in such a loosely structured challenge that doesn’t require you to do at least 20 squats a day until you work your way up to 700 by the end of the 30 days (because I don’t want to kill you).

But I know that some people really crave the structure and organization that comes with those challenges that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get a butt that you can strut.

fitandtrim-01 planksgiving

So I’ve found a delightful, albeit random, Pinterest page that contains a whole host of 30 Day Challenges that you can feel free to incorporate into your regular Fall into Fitness schedule:


Do you have any challenges that you’ve done in the past that you’d like to share with us through the “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge” tag? Or do you prefer to go at things your own pace and not restrict yourself to a schedule?