Bingeing, the Right Way

binge_believingFinally, something that combines my obsession with excess and my habit of optimism.


I Think I Can, I Think I Can – And I Did!

i think i can trainToday was hot. And I was tired from moving into school. And I was sleepy from it being so hot. And some other excuse. So when I went running today, I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. Goes to show that you can sometimes surprise yourself.

I made it about 6 minutes into my run. Blah! I was already bummed out to be running around. I made it 3 more minutes when the heat, coupled with my sheer determination to avoid running, made me stop. Today just wasn’t my day. I didn’t even think “I think I can”. I just knew that I couldn’t.

But then I realized something revolutionary.

Just because I couldn’t run, didn’t mean that I couldn’t exercise.

I could not run today.

But I could walk today. I could go swimming today. I could hop on the elliptical today. I could hit up the weight room today.

I know that I can’t run. But I think that I can still exercise. I think that I can still sweat. I think that I can still make this day worthwhile and assure myself that I didn’t lace up for nothing.

And after a 45 minute walk around campus, I know that I can stay healthy.