A Hope for Posts

I read the blogs on WordPress. I love knowing what other people are up to and how they decide to approach the topics of health and fitness. But lately, I’ve been a bit disappointed that the fitness posts aren’t rolling in like they use to.

Yes, it’s winter, and yes it’s more difficult to find gym time amidst Christmas shopping excursions, but that’s no need to give up all of the progress made over those warm and carefree summer months.

Which is why I can’ wait for January. Not only will I be looking forward to starting on my own overarching yearly goals, but I’m excited to see a surge of posts revolving around the health of others.

make goals


Pie Rhyme Time

pumpkin pie

Yesterday was Thanksgiving

And it was a success.

Because I stayed away from the pie

At my own behest.

Yes that pumpkin looked good

In a crust oh so yummy

But I thought about all I’d ate

and looked to my bulging tummy.

I was done for the night

The pie would have to wait

I successfully enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner

With a moderate amount of food on my plate.

Mantras for Thanksgiving Moderation

Thanksgiving. It’s go time.

If you’re struggling with the idea of having that beautiful bird and succulent sweet potatoes placed in front of you all night (and the left overs placed in front of you for the following week after), all you need to do is repeat these mantras:

  • It’s only one day
  • I will not eat until I am stuffed
  • I will drink lots of water
  • I recognize that “seconds” doesn’t have to be a bad word
  • I will focus on enjoying the day and the company of those I love
  • I understand that a whole can of cranberry sauce is not a portion
  • I will savor each bite
  • I will look for happiness outside of my plate

Don’t forget that you’re allowed one day to splurge within some limits. You’re going to do amazing for 30 days, and if one of those days is merely great, that’ll be an alright trade off for a scoop of stuffing.

snoopy thanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving!

The Spark I Need

You know all of those silly online sites that promise community, the ability to log exercise and food, tips and tricks to lose the weight for good, and let you create whatever ridiculous fitness inspired status update you like? Yeah, I love them.

Mostly, I love SparkPeople.


The first time I joined Spark was about 2 yeas ago and it really helped me eat better and stay accountable. The community aspect was especially helpful, because for the first time in my life I wasn’t trying to get healthy alone. I actually had friends who wouldn’t get sick of me rambling on and on about how lonely my life was without peanut butter.

However, I ended up leaving because I felt that it was all too time consuming, and other areas of my life (relationships, work, school) were suffering because I was willingly spending too much time on Spark.

But now I’m ready for some more me time. I’m ready to say that everything else can just take a little break while I focus on getting harder, better, faster, stronger. Not that I’m looking to completely immerse myself in the Spark community again (though I know that is an option), but I’m just realizing that I was at my best when I was really relying upon that site to help me out. This blog has been a huge help as I seek support in my weight loss efforts, but I suddenly find myself craving the opportunity to recommit myself to a bigger community and admit that I ate three slices of pizza at the soccer tailgate yesterday with a food tracker that doesn’t judge.

In fact, I’ve already signed up once more and I’m feeling the spark so far and the encouragement that comes along with starting something new!

Are there any online sites that you rely upon to help with your fitness journey?

Ideas for Breakfast

All I need for breakfast is a bowl of Cheerios and some skim milk. But on weekends when I have a teensy bit more time and a clean kitchen, I like to mix up the most important meal of the day with omelets and fresh squeezed OJ.

But I’ve recently found a few other interesting recipes that I’ll just have to give a try, so see if any strike your fancy or feel free to share something you just can’t start your day without:

veggie quicheGarden Vegetable Crustless Quiche

Sunrise Sandwich

Hashbrown Casserole

Power Granola

Greek Yogurt Parfait

breakfast tacoBreakfast Taco

Pumpkin Pancakes

Carrot Cake Muffin

Banana Roll

Banana Bagel

Banana-Cinnamon Waffles

My Story, My Weight

Throwback Thursday and time to drop some truth.

As a child I vividly remember my friend Megan ringing the doorbell to my house and asking if I’d like to go out and play. I said no, I had too much homework that I needed to finish before my parents got home. And then I grabbed a bag of cheese puffs and ate them while watching Arthur.

This is the first memory I have of my unhealthy relationship with food.

All throughout middle school I never worried about nutrition or exercise. I thought that the only people that were concerned with ellipticals were old people. I did a few sports, I ate what my parents put in front of me (not always the best of options), and I was generally happy with who I was. At one point I remember weighing myself and seeing the number “125”. I didn’t know what it meant exactly, but it concerned me and I vowed that if I could just stay at 125 for the rest of my life and stop growing, I would be content. Didn’t happen.

Then, towards 8th grade I began walking every day. Hour long walks around the neighborhood with some bounces on a mini trampoline that I just had to have. Those two forms of exercise and my decision to eat healthier and almost exclusively order grilled chicken at restaurants lead to me feeling happy and healthy with my body. I kept this up for nearly a year before I let my grandmother’s death derail my healthy lifestyle.

In high school I didn’t have many friends, but I did have TV dinners that I would eat as snacks and peanut butter that I learned tasted even better straight from the jar. I was still aware of my weight and my lack of exercise, and as I became aware of my emotions I began to binge late at night. Junior year of high school I got a boyfriend which first lead me to be quite concerned over my body image. Turns out he was a truly good person and loved me no matter what I looked like, so we put on a few pounds together.

College saw me drop to my lowest ever weight of 138. I was exercising regularly, eating quite well, and loving how I felt in my body. But two health concerns, a student life, and the worry of making friends later, I found myself at my highest ever ever ever weight of 177 pounds. After a year of hard work, shamelessly using my friends as exercise buddies, and my long and heartfelt conversations with that same boyfriend, I whittled my weight down to my high school usual of 155.

And now I’m going to prove to myself that I can return to the same girl that I was freshman year who weighted 138 pounds and was in control of her life.

After this Fall into Fitness Challenge, I will be strong again.

That’s all I remember and all you need to know about my weight loss story. What does your story entail?

Skinny Katy is on the attack

Skinny Katy is on the attack

Day 10 of Fall into Fitness

Today marks the 10 day anniversary of the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge.

fall into fitness picture

And wow has this challenge taken its sweet time. I have never had 10 days drag on quite like these. It seems that the more I want this challenge to hurry itself up the more time seems to slow down for me. I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining as this allows me more time to exercise, but that also means more time is available to suffer from chocolate cravings…

20 days left

Despite those chocolate cravings, I’ve done a fairly decent job of staying on track. While I’m not going to post any of my own point tallies quite yet, I encourage you to share how you’ve progressed and how you’re feeling now that we’re a third of the way done with this challenge. It isn’t required that you blog about your progress, but don’t forget to email your point tallies to healthyhappyhello@yahoo.com where you can receive one point per each pound lost, each blog shared (with the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge tag), and each hour of cumulative exercise.

And if your patience is beginning to wane a bit with this challenge (like mine continually threatens to do), fear not! Because in a few days time me and Tori will be announcing what prizes we’re giving away to our first and second place winner, and that should add some pep in your step!