Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge

I’ve done it! I’ve named my baby! She is now and forevermore dubbed, “Fall into Fitness”. My Fall into Fitness. My little tiny babykins Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge.

fall into fitness 30 day challenge logo

I truly feel like this is the perfect little moniker for what the challenge is attempting to do.

Throughout the 30 days we will be focusing on health and fitness and accruing points through hours spent exercising, words used blogging, and pounds forever removed. All of this revolves around being the best you and you can be and staying up to par despite the fact that it’s the daylight is disappearing and carbs are tempting us with their friendship (two happenings that I just can’t seem to get over).

November 3rd (our officially official certain definite start date) is right around the corner and we’ll have plenty of time to digest our moderate amount of Halloween candy before we kick our butts into gear and attempt to win the fabulous prizes that me and my lovely co-host Tori will be providing.

And as of right this very minute. There are 10 confirmed participants in this challenge! That’s 10 other people who are looking to support you throughout these 30 days!…but who will also probably be hoping for your failure in the back of their minds as they race (perhaps literally) for the somewhat grand prize. And to ensure that all of our wonderfully determined members can find one another to offer our support, when you blog about the challenge and would like to share your experience with us, please add the tag “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge” and we will know just how to find you and give our support!

fall into fitness 30 day challenge logo

I just had to use this picture again, I made it and feel oh so proud 🙂

Throughout the challenge me and Tori will be sharing anonymous participant information, reblogging some of your outstanding postings, providing you with tips for healthy living (in the fall, with a family, with a busy schedule, whatever you may need), some delicious recipes, and writing prompts should you be so worn out from all of your exercising that you’re struggling to think of topics.

I’ll be doing a tad more recruiting tonight (which should help to keep me away from candy), so if you’d like to share this post you know what to do, and if you’d like to be more than a bump on a log for the next 30 days, just shoot me an email at healthyhappyhello@yahoo.com to make it official! (Also this is free so I’m sorry to say that you really have no excuse for not participating)

For those already signed up, expect an email coming your way around the second of November basically repeating everything that I’ve already said in perhaps a peppier voice. Let’s do this!


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