Bring the Butter, Skip the Soda

DSCN0882Last week, I chronicled my worries and fear regarding my food and fitness level while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. (Click HERE for a recap)

While I had a blast dipping my toes in water so frigid it numbed my lower extremities in seconds, I also had a great time interacting with food. By great, I mean mediocre. And I’ll take it!

Yes, I admit, I splurged on some favorite dishes of mine such as buttery sauteed sea scallops at Phillip’s and sweet and cheesy Dough Roller pizza.


But, it’s important to know that I also avoided desserts after such deliciously decadent dinners and I faithfully toted around my water bottle. I also made some smartish ordering decisions, such as opting for tuna salad on wheat and splitting large dinner meals with others. Additionally, I loaded up our home with smart snacks like pretzels and crunchy cereal to keep my cravings to a minimum. Not to mention all of the exercise I got in biking around the neighborhood, beating my family at mini golf, and playing with my cat.

No, I didn’t stick to munching on salads the whole vacation, but yes, I did a great job of treating myself while remembering my fitness goals and nutritional progress.

If you’d like to know more about my happy and healthy trip, I’m going to post an update on Living the Life with lovely pictures of the beach and some fun fireworks I witnessed on the 4th.


Vacation Preparation: One Girl’s Journey to Avoid the Pitfalls of Vacation Eating

I have this blog because I love food. But this love is not all goodness and pureness and light. And when I go on vacation with this love, our relationship tends to turn volatile.

IMG_2113Later today I’m leaving with my family for a 5 day vacation in Ocean City, MD. My grandparents live right around the town and we’ve been frequenting the coast at least once a year for as long as I can remember. Along with a hoppin’ beach, the best mini golf I’ve ever played (Old Pro for life!), and a boardwalk teeming with games and activity, comes Trouble.

I was going to find a scary food monster, but this is just too darling not to share

I was going to find a scary food monster, but this is just too darling not to share

Trouble is my pet name for Candy Kitchen, Phillips Seafood, Nick’s House of Ribs, all boardwalk food ever made, The Dough Roller, Dumser’s Dairy Land, and Fat Daddy’s Subs.

I’ve been eating well, exercising regularly, and soaking up the happiness in my life for a good week now. I love this happy healthy Katy. But happy healthy Katy also loves Trouble.

So here is happy healthy Katy’s plan for dealing with Trouble on her upcoming vacation:

  • Embrace Trouble. If I try to neglect Trouble’s presence in my life, it will only cause me to run into its buttery arms all the more.
  • …Imagine buttery arms, that’s a disgusting image and makes me not want to eat. (Lucky for you I couldn’t find a picture to go with this)
  • Tolerate Trouble in little amounts. I am absolutely horrible with moderation, and tend to be an all or nothing person, I just need to accept that some Trouble is OK, but too much Trouble is just trouble.
  • Snack more! If I snack on healthy foods throughout the day, maybe Trouble’s buttery arms (gag) won’t look so appealing
  • Budget my trip. Trouble is expensive, and since I don’t have paying jobs this summer, I have plenty of motivation to save money

For now, all I can do is appreciate how well things have been going in my life and plan for the challenges to come.

If anyone has any advice on how to avoid Trouble or would care to comment on their own Trouble, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Wish me luck and expect my next post to detail my hopefully happy and healthy vacation!

I'll definitely focus on taking more lovely pictures!

I’ll definitely focus on taking more lovely pictures!

What Happens On Vacation Stays On Vacation

The Great Smokey Mountains

The Great Smokey Mountains

4 days ago I embarked on a 9 hour car ride to my 2nd favorite state, Tennessee. There, my boyfriend and I visited his grandparents as we trekked through the Smokey Mountains, explored the Pigeon Forge area, and gorged ourselves on true Southern cooking and Cracker Barrel delicacies. I had been looking forward to this trip for ages, and am so glad that I could reconnect with MamMaw, PapPaw, and the blue jays that frequent their front porch.

southern food

But, with these wonderful memories of family fun comes the nagging reality of disappointment. Yes, I did eat macaroni with the butteriest biscuits I’ve ever consumed. Sure, my pasta was brimming with cheese and creamy sauces. And of course my BBQ was every bit as fatty and delicious as it should be. While I’m trying to become healthier, I don’t want to limit myself to strictly rabbit food. Heck, even rabbits would like a banana pudding milkshake every once in a while.

So instead of being disappointed in my eating choices now that I’m back home (and thinking without a buttery fog surrounding my brain) and away from the tempting excuse of vaccation, I’m going to own up to my actions.

fried chickenI ate poorly.

I did not make good food choices.

I recognized this while I was chowing down on fried chicken.

But I’m still here and still ready to change in moderation. If I eat like this once or twice a summer, that is quite alright with me.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to justify my actions, but I also hope it does sound that way. I need to be okay with myself and that means accepting my actions and not tearing myself down when I do something a little counterproductive.

succeeding more than failing