The Sweetest Place on Earth

Yesterday, I had a showdown at Hershey Parkwith Hershey Park.

And I won!

hershey park characters

My showdown began with my friends suggesting a visit to the park of our childhoods, progressed to me planning out how I would avoid drooling over chocolate at every corner, and ended with me being as happy and healthy as ever.

Hershey Park’s temptations:

  • Lazing around in lines
  • Chocolate
  • Riding the railroad and monorail everywhere
  • Chocolate
  • Attending the shows and sitting on my butt all day
  • Chocolate
  • So many food and candy stands
  • Chocolate

chocolate ack!

This was the first time that I made a plan to avoid temptation, and I actually followed through with it. True, I won a giant sized chocolate bar after participating in a character show (which is the highlight of my summer), but, what’s more important is how I didn’t throw away all of my hard work for the chance to break me off a piece of that KitKat bar.

I had an absolutely amazing time smelling chocolate, riding rides, and spending time with my friends in the last days of summer. And what’s even better, I did it all while staying fit and remaining healthy! Woohoo for small victories!

My triumphs:

  • Walking all around the park all day and not stopping, even with achy feet
  • My vegetarian gyro
  • Dancing around at the shows that I did attend
  • A small serving of (cheesy) popcorn
  • Running through the roller coaster lines
  • Constant visits to the water fountain
  • Not attacking the dancing bars of chocolate with a slobbery grin on my face
  • Being aware of my health and recognizing that happiness can exist without candy

Staying Fit, Having Fun

grumpy cat is fit


If you’re not having fun with your fitness routine, why even bother to pursue a healthier lifestyle? I love doing little things to brighten up my exercising routine.

This morning I’m stuck doing all of the chores I’ve neglected over the weekend. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate some fun and fit moves into my day! I’ll dance around the house while dusting, race to make my bed, and sing while unloading the dishwasher. I’m aware that singing doesn’t really burn calories, but it distracts from my dancing, so I include it.

Every little thing adds up, and if you can add with a smile on your face, that makes the experience all the more enjoyable and can help you stick to your plan.

What do you do to add a dash of fun to your fit lifestyle?