Orange You Glad You Ate This Fruit Today?

I’ve started losing weight again. Hurray! I’ve also started eating oranges again. Double hurray!

Not only do they provide a wonderful way of relieving anxiety (as peeling oranges may or may not be proven to reduce stress). Not only do they promote weight loss (as eating oranges may or may not be proven to help shed weight). Not only do oranges make a tasty and delicious treat for any occasion (as even smelling oranges is most definitely associated with happiness and good times). But oranges are so much fun to eat!

Here are some more credible websites that are discussing the amazing benefits of oranges:

Natural Weight Loss

All the Benefits

About the Orange

Health and Pretty Pictures

I swear that the majority of my weight loss last year can be credited to eating oranges. Despite their propensity for eroding tooth enamel with their acidity, I try to eat about one a day. And I must say, I’m loving the results right now!

Not to mention, I have so much fun eating them!


An Apple a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Right now, I’m at work. And I’m stressed. Go figure.

While I would love nothing more than to reach into my kitchen closet (I’m working from home today where the nasty temptation monster lurks) and rip that bag of Chex Mix open, pouring chex, and pretzels, and those deliciously salty and seasoned pumpernickel pieces into my salivating mouth, I can’t.

But the craving is still there and this is the type of all consuming stress that only junk food can help alleviate.

Yet, being the good little happy healthy Katy that I am, I reached for an apple.

Blah! I don’t want an apple! It won’t help me destress! Ewww, I’m touching fruit!

cute applesBITE

Hey, that felt pretty satisfying…


Yeah, take that apple!


Hah! Don’t even mess with me!

Opting for an apple was the smartest thing I’ve done all day. I avoided temptation (though I’m not gonna lie, that Chex Mix still may not make it), ate something healthy, and destressed. All with a silly little red and juicy fruit.

an apple a day

<If you don’t like cheesiness, please stop reading here>

So, sorry strawberries, too bad bananas, bye-bye blueberries, it’s been real raspberries, later lemon! When I’m stressed, there’s only fruit that can be the ¬†true apple of my eye.

Do I Really Even Like Blueberries That Much?

blueberries 2

My background for this site is blueberries. Blue blue blueberries. Blue blueberries with a blue boarder and blue edging.

blueberries 3

My favorite color is yellow. My favorite fruit is strawberries. My favorite berry is cranberry. Why is my background filled with occasionally tart and frequently messy blueberries?

What once looked so fresh and inviting is now causing me to question my design choice. Do I really even like blueberries that much? Is there even one food out there that I can use to represent myself, my writing style, my vision for this blog? My favorite food is peanut butter, but that doesn’t mean it belongs as the centerpiece on a blog dedicated to health and nutrition.

blueberries 1

I think I’ll keep this layout for a while, but as a reader you should be aware that the blueberries were merely chosen on a whim and in no way represent myself on a symbolically deep level. I just thought it looked better than the bananas, but still, I don’t even like blueberries that much.