So About This 5K…

As I’ve already mentioned, over the weekend I completed my first official 5K. And I’ve got some thoughts on that. Big, important, healthy, happy thoughts.

IMG_2170Firstly, I rock. Of course there’s that percentage of the population who has been running for years on end and can complete two 5Ks before breakfast, but I’m going to ignore their justifiably lofty opinions. I rock in the eyes of my family and friends and everyone who watched me struggle to get fit and push myself towards this goal. And I can feel this awesomeness spreading throughout my entire being, encouraging me to pursue fitness and continue towards that bright and glorious life I can have if I take this opportunity to launch myself into the healthy lifestyle I’ve avoided for the past month.

Secondly, I haven’t been avoiding a healthy lifestyle since the race (wow, three whole days…). But considering I hadn’t been taking care of myself for a month before this, I’ll take it. I always find a turning point to say, “Alright Katy, this’ll be the last day you ever polish off a bag of Doritos” or “Katy! I just know that come Monday you’ll magically exercise with extreme consistency!” And maybe this is another stupid turning point, but so far it’s fulfilled its purpose only by springing me into a healthy pattern, something I’ve  been craving even more than peanut butter.

Thirdly, I am in love. Again. With life. I go through these glorious periods (usually while riding a fitness and nutrition kick) where I am just so darn grateful to be alive. Where I look at the sky, and see a hopping bunny rabbit in my yard, and smell the freshly cut grass, and cuddle up against my cat, and I have to fight back the occasional tears of joy at simply being around to experience all of life’s little miracles. I can’t even give you a picture to go along with those examples, because there is nothing that beats the feeling of living and experiencing life in real time.

Yes, this level of emotion and gratitude is probably weird, but I am oh so thankful for being able to recognize what I have, because it allows me to say yes to living and appreciate every single moment that I spend in the circumstance of life.

life is beautiful quote

I don’t think followers of this blog have really seen me put together a post while I’m feeling this solidly good about my prospects. But as I’m typing this out, my heart is just beating with giddiness at the very chance to express myself in such a profoundly personal manner and hopefully encourage some readers to examine all of the blessings they are granted just by being alive.

That’s funny, I remember when I started typing this post and it was about a 5K…


#893, Come On Down!

Earlier today I ran my first official 5K in Baltimore, MD.

Here are some of the numbers that show what it’s taken to arrive at this point:

  • I’ve been training for the past 3 months
  • I hurt my leg 4 times while training (including twisting my ankle the day before the race)
  • There were 3,211 participants, and I came in 1,410th place
  • My bib number was 893
  • It cost me a total of $45 to participate ($145 including the cost of my running shoes…)
  • My total run time was 34 minutes and 19 seconds

But more importantly:

  • There were 3.1 miles that I totally annihilated
  • I received so much support from at least 10 close family and friends
  • I was able to cross off 1 goal from my bucket list
  • 0 people are happier than me right now

I’ll post another blog in a bit regarding the specifics of this race, but for now I’m just going to appreciate all the effort that I’ve put into myself and my health. I am so thankful and appreciative that I have all of these numbers supporting my actions and urging me to keep going.

Here are some final departing numbers:

2014, another Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K, under 30 minutes. Let’s Go!


Plus, I got to take adorable pictures and update my Pail List!

Yes You Are Fat, That Is No Excuse Not To Start Exercising

This blog post presents such a good point. Everyone can contribute to their health no matter their body shape, fitness level, or past failings. Every little step will add up to many miles if you stick to your plan and always envision your goal.

Awesome Åshild

No, it isn’t. You are just looking for an excuse. I am not saying you need to go straight into hardcore bootcamps, 100kg squats and burpees, I am just saying you can do something. Everyone can do something! This morning it was raining outside and my alarm went off at 6AM. How easy wouldn’t it be to use the excuse ‘it’s raining’ or ‘it’s to cold’? Well, I hate to tell you, but those excuses are not valid. No excuses are valid. Get over it and get on with it. youcandoit

I know, starting to exercise is not easy, especially if you are overweight and never really have done anything physical, except getting in and ut of the car for the last few (twenty?) years. Even if you don’t really have any excuses not to start, you might be uncertain what you can do or what your body is actually capable…

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The Name of the Game – Success!

success story

Check out these beautiful and inspiring success stories regarding weight loss:

Nothing gets me more pumped for living a healthy lifestyle than reading up on people whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to their new outlook on diet and fitness.

I need to take a “Before” picture so that I can write up my own one day.

One Step at a Time

how to lose 30 poundsThe simple things in life always bring about the most happiness. Weight loss can be simple too, if you just take a creative approach to it. Mainly, take your time and make every milestone into a manageable goal.

I have never felt like weight loss was so possible as with reading this quote. Like anyone, I’m a sucker for some inspirational word play.

The Green Eyed Monster Lends a Helping Hand

Last night I had a long and crazy dream. It involved Harry Potter, an evil 2-Dimensional frog, and little children who kept trying to throw my laptop into a hotel pool. But, it was another image that had the biggest affect upon my nighttime fantasies.

I was getting off of a bus and filing into a hotel when I noticed my friend Lisa standing in front of me. Lisa has always been slightly heavy, but my dream version of her had lost significant weight and was looking great. As I continued walking towards her, I was overcome with jealousy at her amazing transformation and wanted nothing more than to bring down her accomplishment and prove how much better I was than her.

Harsh. I’m not proud of dream Katy. I wouldn’t want to be friends with dream Katy. But I also recognize where dream Katy is coming from.

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

I haven’t been doing that well with my weight loss, and I think I needed a kick like this to spur me into action. Why should I sit on the side munching on potato chips while everyone else jogs right on by? I could either lash out at others as they progress, or I could recognize that I have the potential to change myself and happily join the world in success.

I wasn’t happy with a lot that happened in the dream. I wasn’t happy with how I felt about myself, how I was acting towards a good friend, and how I didn’t care about changing.

But now that I’m awake, I’m ready to change not just my body, but my attitude.

chasing a dream

Fighting the Siren Song of Peanut Butter

All today I’ve been chillin’ around the house, where we have a kitchen, where we keep food, where I like to gorge myself. Needless to say, temptation ensued.

heart in peanut butterI kept finding myself rushing over to our kitchen cabinet where I’ve perused through bags of Tostitos, Spongebob shaped mac n’ cheese, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just gearing up to binge the day away. I’ve been in a bit of a funk with not feeling that great and stressing out over my two unpaid internships and financial situation for the summer, so I’ve been letting myself slide with a lot (something I’ll soon address on Living the Life). I was perfectly prepared to allow myself to give into the siren song of the chunky peanut butter, but as I kept finding myself inching closer to the cabinet, I realized a few things.

  1. I eat out of habit. I wasn’t hungry any of the times that I wandered into the kitchen, I just expected to find myself eating because I was home and we had food.
  2. boredom eatingI eat when I’m bored. Even though I had a full day, none of it was really enough to captivate and hold my attention, but food would have allowed me something mindless to occupy my time with.
  3. I’m bored with food. I’m in a  groove where I truly don’t care about food or what I’m eating. I’m sick and tired of obsessing about food, be it junk or healthy, fruit or veggie, organic or processed, I just don’t want to even think about it!

I’m happy with all 3 of these realizations because they granted me the strength to walk out of the kitchen and into our less tempting living room. I know a time will come when these findings will change, or when I choose to ignore their influence over me, but for now I’ll take these discoveries and shut the cabinet door for good.

It'd be sad to let this become my motto.

It’d be sad to let this become my motto…