Getting Others on Board

Both of my parents are overweight. My brother has horrible eating habits. My boyfriend does not exercise. My friends would rather eat cake than carrots.

All around me it seems that the people I care about do not want the same thing as me. I’m not trying to coerce them into joining me on a weight loss excursion, but I would like them to take into account how difficult it is for me to be with people who are not only not participating in my activities, but whose actions go directly against my healthier lifestyle.

But how to tell your mother that even if you don’t eat seconds, it doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate her cooking?

How to tell your father that if you’d rather run on the treadmill in the morning than go out for donuts, you still love spending time with him?

To tell your brother that a whole bag of chips does not equate to a serving size seems an impossible task.

Telling your boyfriend that going for a walk is jus as nice as video games would be a struggle.

I have some ground work to lay down over the next few weeks while I’m back at home during winter break. And I think it’s about time that I set up a support system for myself so that my setting is actually working for me rather than against me.

you can


Countdown to Christmas Workout

Just because our challenge concludes tomorrow does’t mean that you have to stop challenging yourself to be happy and healthy! I love how other people seem to be really getting into the swing of fitness during these winter months

Ideas for Breakfast

All I need for breakfast is a bowl of Cheerios and some skim milk. But on weekends when I have a teensy bit more time and a clean kitchen, I like to mix up the most important meal of the day with omelets and fresh squeezed OJ.

But I’ve recently found a few other interesting recipes that I’ll just have to give a try, so see if any strike your fancy or feel free to share something you just can’t start your day without:

veggie quicheGarden Vegetable Crustless Quiche

Sunrise Sandwich

Hashbrown Casserole

Power Granola

Greek Yogurt Parfait

breakfast tacoBreakfast Taco

Pumpkin Pancakes

Carrot Cake Muffin

Banana Roll

Banana Bagel

Banana-Cinnamon Waffles

How to Win a Temptation Throwdown

pb creatureYou know it’s time to make a change. You know that this unnecessary weight needs to come off. You know that those extra layers of fat are not making it any easier to live your life to the fullest. But how can you possibly resist when the peanut butter monster comes a calling?

How do you muster up the commitment, the motivation, the ability to maintain a new lifestyle far into the future?

learn all the healthFor me, it works something like this:

  1. I decide I want to lose some lbs
  2. I research healthy eating and exercising and living and breathing habits
  3. I recognize all of the nasty habits that will keep those lbs on my bum

And now here’s the gold:

  1. When I want to do something bad, anything bad, when I just feel like I can’t live without that slice of chocolaty chocolate choco cake and my mouth starts to water just at the thought of reaching for a fork, I play/sing to “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
  2. While I’m singing, I find something good, anything good to do, and I begin doing it while the song plays
  3. And while I’m writing a blog post or doing the dishes or hopping on the exercise bike or reading for class and that song is playing, I relax myself and focus on the good things that I can choose to do instead of feeling coerced into doing the activities that out-of-control-Katy loves the most (ex. pie eating contest for one)

    cake for one

    Chocolaty chocolate choco cake for one please

  4. After taking more than enough time to actually think over what I’m about to do and the fact that I’m already doing something positive, it’s usually enough to get me to throw that chocolaty chocolate choco cake out of my sight.
  5. And if by the end of the song I still have that insatiable desire, I rinse and repeat by listening to “American Pie” by Don McLean, and that calms me down for sure

Whoa! Slow Down There Champ

Even since this Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge idea sprang into my head, I seem to have sprung myself into a semi-vigorous workout routine. It seems that I am always at the gym, reflecting on the group fitness class schedule, or wondering if I can sneak a run in between classes. And that’s just no good!

slow and steady

Wait, is that a chocolate bunny?! Turn around turtle, turn around!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that I’m looking to be proactive about my health and am exercising more than ever, but I find myself quite tired, not eating enough, ignoring homework (to be fair I would probably ignore it without a challenge), and fairly sore from getting a move on. Who am I?! I need to get back to my slow and steady pace that I’ve come to rely on so much, and I have a few ideas on how to do just that.

Problem: I’m feel as though I’m not eating enough and I don’t want my body to go into starvation mode.

Solution: Eat more! Carry healthy nutrition bars and fruits around (Kashi bars and apples it is!). Try to eat at least 1,400 calories a day, anything less isn’t actually working in your favor and will be more likely to cause binges.

Problem: I’m feeling sore from exercising.

Solution: Recognize that it’s perfectly acceptable to take a rest day every now and again. It’s unreasonable to expect to work out every single day, and when I’m not feeling my physically best I should focus on resting up for an improved performance the next day.

Problem: I’m ignoring homework because I’m focusing too much on exercise.

Solution: Cut down exercise time to one hour a day and take those rest days. If you still really want to get going, take a book to read while on the stationary bike and try not to get motion sickness.

Problem: I’m feeling tired.

Solution: Make it a priority to get those 8 hours in ever single night. Don’t forget to stock up on foods with protein and iron, and always keep some water handy too. Tea is also a great and healthy way to add some perk to a day.

Or until you're tired or have homework or are hungry or are sore. Basically, stop whenever you feel like you need to

Or until you’re tired or have homework or are hungry or are sore. Basically, stop whenever you feel like you need to.

I am so so pumped for this challenge that I need to just slow my roll. While it’s great to really push myself for these 30 days, I am acutely aware that if I push myself too hard I won’t be able to make it through this challenge and I definitely won’t be able to continue staying fit and healthy into December.

How hard do you push yourself regularly and for challenges? Do you have any challenge related changes that are worrying you?

A Challenge I Don’t Want

This weekend marks my 5 year anniversary. Hurray! However, this weekend will also involve: driving a total of 10 hours, going hiking, watching a soccer game, studying for a midterm, meeting friends, watching football, eating out, and generally doing everything all the time always.


stress and weight loss

As happy as I am to participate in all of the adventures that will come with this weekend, I am also feeling pretty stressed out. Those just seem to be way too many things to manage while also getting through my school work and managing this challenge. Heck, this challenge alone is enough to stress me out.

So for this weekend I’m going to take things slow and breath through all of the stress and feelings of anxiety that come with having too much to do and not being able to afford failing. Expect my blog posts to be shorter (and try to help me out by posting some more over the weekend and tagging with “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge”), expect me to share some of my failures, and expect me to stick with this challenge out of loyalty for you all and my desire to show November who’s boss.

I’m already planning ahead to get in some extra exercise leading up to leaving on Thursday and I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks for the upcoming car ride. I guess there’s no use talking it over any more, it’s time to go and let the chips fall where they may (hopefully not into my mouth…).

Monkies and Memories

Almost two years ago (before I had discovered the joys and freedoms of blogging), I attempted to control my poor eating and unnatural cravings by keeping an all too dramatic diary of how I was feeling towards food:

October 1, 2011

food monkeyThis monkey is making me write. I am watching the Virginia Tech football game alone in my dorm room with fluorescent lighting that hurts my eyes as this monkey hangs on my neck, yanking more forcibly with each mental block I put in its path. I want to eat, I’m not hungry, yet my saliva flows, a lake in my mouth depleted of cheesy baked goldfish. I just want to eat, this addiction, this darn primate, wants me to eat.

Who cares about the tomorrow, my monkey reminds me only of the now, tugging roughly into the present I look longingly at the door, at the mirror on the door, at my own pathetic face in the mirror on the door.

Why have I not gone to the convenience store yet? It is right below my building, I have my own special bag to put all of my chips in so no one sees what I’m leaving with, except the cashier. I wonder how long the girl who hoards food is on their minds for. Doritos are what I crave. They are the easiest to snack on. One is never enough, the flavor never disappoints or grows old, they make me happy and that blissful ignorance while I’m in the midst of eating is the best reward of all.

During the day I eat fruit, go to the gym, and feign importance and accomplishment. At night I sit and long for company, even if it’s only the company of double chocolate brownie cookies; the sweetest of friends. To lick my fingers of delicious remnants would be heaven, to taste the savory flavors I have long been denied would be nirvana. In the time it would take for me to polish off a bag of chips, a carton of ice-cream, a dozen sandwiches, I would be happier then knowing I could fill my life with daily exercise.

monkey with foodBut for the past ten minutes I have not given into temptation, my monkey is tired. He will bide his time, strike when I am just as weak, and most likely win. I’ll accept it, if I don’t he will seek his wrath on me, make me doubt, make me worry; make me hungry, not a craving starvation, but something worse, a legitimate need to eat. If my monkey controls my physiological need to eat I know not what I will have left to control.

My monkey has too much power, and I must lose him before I get lost in him. I never liked monkeys, I need to act. Writing his destruction as he cowers in the corner gives me power. Maybe I’ll get a nice squirrel to remind me of my poor body-image. Maybe a kitten who purrs when I am doubtful of my intellect. I welcome those pets, because they will be animals of my own choosing. If I had known what I was beginning back in the second grade, when I preferred the company of television and Chex Mix to that of children my own age, I would have perhaps delayed my first job. Being a zookeeper was never my first career choice, until I had a monkey forced upon me.

I think for tonight I am done with my craving. What monkey? A bold statement as I already feel its hands inching their way up my back. I stand by it. What monkey? I am over such dramatic illusions and metaphors; I am not a writer. Maybe I will read this next time and it will help fend off another withdrawal craving, maybe not. I may add more to this, maybe not. I just don’t want to be consumed by this, but as the monkey reminds me, I already am.