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I have weeks where I am driven, focused, and determined to lose weight and sustain a healthier lifestyle. I focus on veggies, run with abandon, and breath in the power and potential of my body with each movement. But lately I can’t seem to get myself to that healthy niche where I’d like to reside. I begin the mornings well with a cup of cheerios and skim milk, but by lunch time I’m snacking on ice cream sandwiches and bumming around watching reruns of Lost.

I’ve never had a rock bottom experience that motivates me to go on my health kick. Instead, one day I just notice that my pants are fitting tighter and I make the effort to change. It’s simple, but recently that hasn’t been enough.


I just got through a semester at college where I did a wonderful job of exercising and eating well with the support of my friends. I’m worried that I lost my motivation when I lost their presence in my life and the ease of exercising at my own free will.

So now comes the problem, getting properly motivated in a way that will allow me to sustain a healthy lifestyle at least until the end of summer. However, I can’t really find anything that will make this time different. I need something to snap me into focus and keep me there. Once I get going being healthy, nothing can stop me, but first I need to get going.

Any ideas on how to recommit myself to health?

love enough to move


Starting Anew

inspirational-quotes-3I love Mondays. I love the chance to begin a new week with the promise of the future looming ahead. No matter what happens in the past, the future is yours to command. And where better to begin that new and beautiful life than on the first day of the week where the past is wiped away and there is only the future to look forward to?

I haven’t been doing a great job of eating well and exercising lately. I’ve felt lazy, unproductive, and slightly disappointed in myself. But today is the first day of the week (as I’m writing this) and I am so excited to put these past failures behind me. I know I have a tendency to say this as each week, each holiday, each eventful moment that comes around. And even if I fall off this new path I’ve created for myself, I will never stop looking forward to what I can achieve in the future.

What Happens On Vacation Stays On Vacation

The Great Smokey Mountains

The Great Smokey Mountains

4 days ago I embarked on a 9 hour car ride to my 2nd favorite state, Tennessee. There, my boyfriend and I visited his grandparents as we trekked through the Smokey Mountains, explored the Pigeon Forge area, and gorged ourselves on true Southern cooking and Cracker Barrel delicacies. I had been looking forward to this trip for ages, and am so glad that I could reconnect with MamMaw, PapPaw, and the blue jays that frequent their front porch.

southern food

But, with these wonderful memories of family fun comes the nagging reality of disappointment. Yes, I did eat macaroni with the butteriest biscuits I’ve ever consumed. Sure, my pasta was brimming with cheese and creamy sauces. And of course my BBQ was every bit as fatty and delicious as it should be. While I’m trying to become healthier, I don’t want to limit myself to strictly rabbit food. Heck, even rabbits would like a banana pudding milkshake every once in a while.

So instead of being disappointed in my eating choices now that I’m back home (and thinking without a buttery fog surrounding my brain) and away from the tempting excuse of vaccation, I’m going to own up to my actions.

fried chickenI ate poorly.

I did not make good food choices.

I recognized this while I was chowing down on fried chicken.

But I’m still here and still ready to change in moderation. If I eat like this once or twice a summer, that is quite alright with me.

I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m trying to justify my actions, but I also hope it does sound that way. I need to be okay with myself and that means accepting my actions and not tearing myself down when I do something a little counterproductive.

succeeding more than failing

Day One, Making Progress

As is usually the case with Day Ones, I’m off to a great start! The past couple of days I’ve tried to get back on track eating well and exercising, but by the end of the day I was shoveling spoonfuls of peanut butter into my mouth without even pausing to consider the action.

work in progress

And while the day is far from over, I’ve kept busy and happy enough to call this my official Day One, as marked by my successful exercising and eating well.

Here is why today has been a success, and hopefully I can replicate some of these actions each day to continue progressing:

  • Woke up naturally from 8 hours of sleep
  • Blogged in the morning while mentally preparing for the day
  • Drank a nice hot cup of tea
  • Watched some Price is Right
  • Cleaned and organized the house
  • Listened to music while moving around
  • Went for a run on the treadmill
  • Played with my cat
  • Prepared a homemade dinner

While I may not be able to watch the Price is Right every day, it was nice to have a relaxing way to ease myself into getting back on track. I still run the risk of binge eating later tonight, but if I feel the temptation I’ll try to remember this blog and the commitment I made to myself.

drew carey weight lossAlso, I never realized that Drew Carey from the Price is Right is a terrific weight loss role model! I keep forgetting that he use to be overweight…

Tea Time!


The past couple of days have found my throat aching and my stress levels rising, trying to adjust to a summer schedule seems to be getting the best of me. But in just such a circumstance, I know exactly where to turn. Tea!

Tea has a number of health benefits (which you can read about in more detail HERE) but its main benefit for me is tasting delicious. Green tea is my absolute favorite with peppermint and black tea varieties following up closely. There’s just something about settling down in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of tea to calm your nerves and tease out your smile.


While drinking tea won’t solve all of my problems, it definitely helps alleviate the stresses of my daily life in a way other than binging on junk foods. Whenever I feel the need to binge, I try and direct myself to a cup of tea. It’s a great plan, but one that I have a bit of trouble actually enacting.