Boo on Me

I cannot even imagine being any more frustrated or upset or angry with myself.

I don’t want to get back on track because I’m feeling bummed out and hungry.

I need new clothes but don’t want to buy them for this extra weight I found.

The winter time always catches me depressed and craving carbohydrates.

I have a wedding coming up this summer that I have to slim down for.

Tomorrow I have to wear my bathing suit to the polar bear plunge.

I’ve been avoiding looking at my weight gain in the mirror.

I want to exercise but I am so sick of having to start over.

Every day I say it’s a fresh start, but then I see donuts.

I wish my family was a better healthy influence.

I’ve gained back all of the weight that I lost.

I will eventually feel better about myself.

I don’t feel good about myself right now.



10 thoughts on “Boo on Me

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just promise yourself small things… that you’ll work out for half an hour tomorrow. That you’ll have oatmeal instead of a doughnut. One step at atime

  2. I am sure a lot of us have been there (me included). You just have to move past and don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make the effort to do better and try to find ways that will make it stick. Make a goal list and try to make them specific achievable goals. Like don’t just say “I wan to lose weight” but like “I will lose ___ lbs by ____ date and I will do this by working out ___ times a week and following ____ meal plan”
    You have to be specific when setting goals so u know exactly how u are going to get there.

  3. Winter always gets me down too. Especially this winter has been horrible where I am. I also have little support around me, I can sympathize. I hope you are able to get back on track working on your goals and feel better soon. It’s harder without support, but doable. Don’t beat yourself up. It seems most people gain over the holidays and winter definitely brings on carb cravings for some (me too).

  4. ((hugs)) I completely understand how you feel, but as others have said, try not to be so hard on yourself. Uhm, a tip that may work, which I think I read in a Tim Ferriss’s book a while ago (and appears to be working for me). Allocate a diet cheat day a week, and when you fancy something on another day (for me, it’s usually cupcakes) I’ll tell myself ‘Oh, I’ll save that for cheat day’. By the time cheat day comes around, I’ve usually lost my craving. If I do end up eating the cupcake(s), I don’t tend to feel so bad.

    Oh, and good luck with the polar bear plunge… I did that once. It was so… cold!!!


    • Oh that’s such a good idea about a cheat day, and I’m already off to a better start this morning thanks to all the advice I’ve gotten haha. Also the plunge was canceled because the weather was too bad 😦

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