I Don’t Want to Disappoint Anybody

I had a long run yesterday which probably didn’t help. And my apple snack was kind of rotten so I threw it out and was a little hungry. The back of my leg also hurt from a previous exercise.

I knew as soon as I stepped on that treadmill that it’d be a struggle. When the keys of the treadmill got stuck so that I couldn’t even slow my pace, I figured that was my sign.

I stepped off the treadmill, pulled out a book and sat on the bike for 15 minutes. But even that wasn’t working for me.

lapping the couchToday wasn’t really a success. I know that this struggle doesn’t define who I am and I know that it won’t hinder my weight loss goals and that it’s good that I did anything at all because “I’m lapping everybody on the couch,” but at the same time I want to prove myself as a leader and show the strength and conviction to follow through with my actions.

I know that it’s silly and that I should just appreciate my body for what it’s capable of, but at the same time I can’t help but wish that it were capable of working a little bit better.


From Bucket List to Daily Gift

The first of many more successful runs. I am just loving my life and my fitness right now!

Living the Life

One day I got it in my head that I would like to run an official race before I eventually and inevitably kicked the bucket. While I had always had a rocky roady relationship with running, I was unsure where this decision would lead me and was faced with the real possibility that my Pail List would contain an item that I may never cross off.

DSCN0843Yet, earlier this summer, I did indeed get to cross off “run an official race” after completing the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K in Maryland. Despite twisting my ankle a bit I came out of the race with the feeling of glowing accomplishment and a decent time of a bit after 36 minutes.

And then I kept running.

And I compiled a workout playlist

And I bought nice shoes.

And I printed more training schedules.

And I felt good about myself.

And I learned the…

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