Fighting the Siren Song of Peanut Butter

All today I’ve been chillin’ around the house, where we have a kitchen, where we keep food, where I like to gorge myself. Needless to say, temptation ensued.

heart in peanut butterI kept finding myself rushing over to our kitchen cabinet where I’ve perused through bags of Tostitos, Spongebob shaped mac n’ cheese, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just gearing up to binge the day away. I’ve been in a bit of a funk with not feeling that great and stressing out over my two unpaid internships and financial situation for the summer, so I’ve been letting myself slide with a lot (something I’ll soon address on Living the Life). I was perfectly prepared to allow myself to give into the siren song of the chunky peanut butter, but as I kept finding myself inching closer to the cabinet, I realized a few things.

  1. I eat out of habit. I wasn’t hungry any of the times that I wandered into the kitchen, I just expected to find myself eating because I was home and we had food.
  2. boredom eatingI eat when I’m bored. Even though I had a full day, none of it was really enough to captivate and hold my attention, but food would have allowed me something mindless to occupy my time with.
  3. I’m bored with food. I’m in a ¬†groove where I truly don’t care about food or what I’m eating. I’m sick and tired of obsessing about food, be it junk or healthy, fruit or veggie, organic or processed, I just don’t want to even think about it!

I’m happy with all 3 of these realizations because they granted me the strength to walk out of the kitchen and into our less tempting living room. I know a time will come when these findings will change, or when I choose to ignore their influence over me, but for now I’ll take these discoveries and shut the cabinet door for good.

It'd be sad to let this become my motto.

It’d be sad to let this become my motto…