Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge

I’ve done it! I’ve named my baby! She is now and forevermore dubbed, “Fall into Fitness”. My Fall into Fitness. My little tiny babykins Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge.

fall into fitness 30 day challenge logo

I truly feel like this is the perfect little moniker for what the challenge is attempting to do.

Throughout the 30 days we will be focusing on health and fitness and accruing points through hours spent exercising, words used blogging, and pounds forever removed. All of this revolves around being the best you and you can be and staying up to par despite the fact that it’s the daylight is disappearing and carbs are tempting us with their friendship (two happenings that I just can’t seem to get over).

November 3rd (our officially official certain definite start date) is right around the corner and we’ll have plenty of time to digest our moderate amount of Halloween candy before we kick our butts into gear and attempt to win the fabulous prizes that me and my lovely co-host Tori will be providing.

And as of right this very minute. There are 10 confirmed participants in this challenge! That’s 10 other people who are looking to support you throughout these 30 days!…but who will also probably be hoping for your failure in the back of their minds as they race (perhaps literally) for the somewhat grand prize. And to ensure that all of our wonderfully determined members can find one another to offer our support, when you blog about the challenge and would like to share your experience with us, please add the tag “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge” and we will know just how to find you and give our support!

fall into fitness 30 day challenge logo

I just had to use this picture again, I made it and feel oh so proud 🙂

Throughout the challenge me and Tori will be sharing anonymous participant information, reblogging some of your outstanding postings, providing you with tips for healthy living (in the fall, with a family, with a busy schedule, whatever you may need), some delicious recipes, and writing prompts should you be so worn out from all of your exercising that you’re struggling to think of topics.

I’ll be doing a tad more recruiting tonight (which should help to keep me away from candy), so if you’d like to share this post you know what to do, and if you’d like to be more than a bump on a log for the next 30 days, just shoot me an email at healthyhappyhello@yahoo.com to make it official! (Also this is free so I’m sorry to say that you really have no excuse for not participating)

For those already signed up, expect an email coming your way around the second of November basically repeating everything that I’ve already said in perhaps a peppier voice. Let’s do this!


A Recruiting Challenge

I am so in love with this idea to create a free and supportive 30 Day Challenge in order to promote fitness and exercising during a time when the winter chill sends me straight for the heater and hot chocolate.

ryan gosling challenge meme

However, I’m a bit surprised at how difficult it is to find people willing to participate. I have a solid group of a few people who seem genuinely enthused, but the rest of the people that liked my post seem hesitant.

But what could be better than motivation, new friends, healthy and fitnessy information, feeling good about yourself, and the potential to win prizes?!

I’ve even taking to searching around on some other people’s blogs and inviting them to check out this awesome challenge (hopefully without sounding too creepy).

I promise that I only want to get people involved so they can exercise, stay fit, blog about their experience, and be that much happier for the next 30 days, is that too much to ask? I think not.

get fit

So leave me a message if you’re interested and spread the word, because ready or not the 30 Day Challenge (which needs a snazzier name at this point) is coming soon!

A Challenge Most Definitely!

Yesterday, I discussed the possibility of creating a 30 Day Challenge to keep us responsible for our fitness despite the chilly outside temperatures and the seasonal pull towards hot chocolate.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the challenge has garnered some interest. I’m looking to get a few more people interested in participating (which shouldn’t be difficult considering you have the opportunity to WIN something moderately spectacular).

fitness challenge

Joining this challenge would be free and it’s pretty laid back in terms of commitment, but pretty high in terms of fun and effectiveness!

The person and runner up with the most points will receive a prize, and there are a variety of ways in which to earn points:

  • 1 point per blog reference (with link back) to this challenge
  • 1 point per hour exercised (cumulatively)
  • 1 point per pound lost

Email me every 10 days with your total points for those days and I’ll compile them in a list (honor system people!).

Meanwhile, throughout the 30 days I will be reblogging some of your posts related to this challenge, sharing some healthy fall fitness tips, and providing some positive encouragement and motivation, all while sharing my journey as well.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself since this challenge wouldn’t even begin until around November 3rd. For now, if you’re interested in joining us just email me at healthyhappyhello@yahoo.com with your name, email, reason for participating, and two goals for this challenge.

Let’s do this people!

A Challenge Perhaps?

With the winter weather comes a waning enthusiasm for exercising and committing to my health. I’ve begun to struggle with getting myself to trek across the windy chilled campus and I find myself craving carbs and continually seeking the warmth of my bed and the comfort of my books.

I need a kick in the pants to loosen my pants, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner!

I’ve been looking into various 30 day challenges but they all seem to require a physical presence, too much of a commitment, or even payment (GASP!). So instead of waiting around for the stars to align (when I’ll probably have eaten myself into a carb coma), I was considering starting a challenge of my own.


Basically, it would involve self tracking the amount of time you exercised and the amount of weight you lost over a 30 day span.

  • Points will be given for each pound lost, each blog post about the challenge, and every hour of exercise – with the winner being the one with the most points.
  • Email me with your points every 10 days (honor system style people) and I will share them in a post.
  • I will aim to reblog any inspiring/motivational/struggling posts related to this challenge.
  • I will aim to blog at least every other day so that others can feel free to share their experiences and seek support in the comments.

AND the winner and runner up will receive a super special surprise (under $20 because I’m a poor college student).suprise

For right now, I just need to know if people would be interested in participating in this challenge. Please leave a comment below if this sounds like something you’d be interested in participating in, share this around if you think you’d know others who would be interested, and feel free to provide any pointers or suggestions for the structure of this challenge. I’d like to know that we can find at least 10 committed people before beginning this adventure.

Monkies and Memories

Almost two years ago (before I had discovered the joys and freedoms of blogging), I attempted to control my poor eating and unnatural cravings by keeping an all too dramatic diary of how I was feeling towards food:

October 1, 2011

food monkeyThis monkey is making me write. I am watching the Virginia Tech football game alone in my dorm room with fluorescent lighting that hurts my eyes as this monkey hangs on my neck, yanking more forcibly with each mental block I put in its path. I want to eat, I’m not hungry, yet my saliva flows, a lake in my mouth depleted of cheesy baked goldfish. I just want to eat, this addiction, this darn primate, wants me to eat.

Who cares about the tomorrow, my monkey reminds me only of the now, tugging roughly into the present I look longingly at the door, at the mirror on the door, at my own pathetic face in the mirror on the door.

Why have I not gone to the convenience store yet? It is right below my building, I have my own special bag to put all of my chips in so no one sees what I’m leaving with, except the cashier. I wonder how long the girl who hoards food is on their minds for. Doritos are what I crave. They are the easiest to snack on. One is never enough, the flavor never disappoints or grows old, they make me happy and that blissful ignorance while I’m in the midst of eating is the best reward of all.

During the day I eat fruit, go to the gym, and feign importance and accomplishment. At night I sit and long for company, even if it’s only the company of double chocolate brownie cookies; the sweetest of friends. To lick my fingers of delicious remnants would be heaven, to taste the savory flavors I have long been denied would be nirvana. In the time it would take for me to polish off a bag of chips, a carton of ice-cream, a dozen sandwiches, I would be happier then knowing I could fill my life with daily exercise.

monkey with foodBut for the past ten minutes I have not given into temptation, my monkey is tired. He will bide his time, strike when I am just as weak, and most likely win. I’ll accept it, if I don’t he will seek his wrath on me, make me doubt, make me worry; make me hungry, not a craving starvation, but something worse, a legitimate need to eat. If my monkey controls my physiological need to eat I know not what I will have left to control.

My monkey has too much power, and I must lose him before I get lost in him. I never liked monkeys, I need to act. Writing his destruction as he cowers in the corner gives me power. Maybe I’ll get a nice squirrel to remind me of my poor body-image. Maybe a kitten who purrs when I am doubtful of my intellect. I welcome those pets, because they will be animals of my own choosing. If I had known what I was beginning back in the second grade, when I preferred the company of television and Chex Mix to that of children my own age, I would have perhaps delayed my first job. Being a zookeeper was never my first career choice, until I had a monkey forced upon me.

I think for tonight I am done with my craving. What monkey? A bold statement as I already feel its hands inching their way up my back. I stand by it. What monkey? I am over such dramatic illusions and metaphors; I am not a writer. Maybe I will read this next time and it will help fend off another withdrawal craving, maybe not. I may add more to this, maybe not. I just don’t want to be consumed by this, but as the monkey reminds me, I already am.

Oops!…I Did It Again

While my self-actualization sure was the tops, we all knew it couldn’t last. And the past week has seen me fall into terrible binging habits and a lack of exercise…Can’t say that I haven’t been here before, can’t say that I won’t overcome where I am right now. All I can do is be patient with myself as I try to break off this unhealthy relationship once again – through song!

[I actually considered singing my own version of this Brittany hit, but I decided that I’d rather not lose the lovely followers that do not deserve to hear my nasally nasty gnarly singing voice. Instead, feel free to play the song while reading through my more fitting lyrics]

no no no no no

no no no no no no

I know I did it again

I made me believe I had overcome

Oh dang it

It is just a slip-up

But it doesn’t mean that I’m giving up

Cause to lose all of my progress

Well it’s just so typically me

Oh candy candy


Oops!…I did it again

I ate too much food, didn’t go to the gym

Oh candy, candy

Oops!…You think I am done

That I just want fun

I’m not the quitting type

You see my problem is this

I’m eating away

All of the food I can get my hands on

I cry, watching my waist

Can’t you see I’m a fool in my body shape

Cause to lose all of my progress

Well it’s just so typically me

Oh candy candy


Oops!…I did it again

I ate too much food, didn’t go to the gym

Oh candy, candy

Oops!…You think I am done

That I just want fun

I’m not the quitting type