Busy Busy Busy

5 papers, 1 test, healthy food to prepare, a challenge to run and posts to write, a boyfriend to visit, a future job to find, an internship to prepare for, sports to attend, friends to reconnect with, Terp Thon fundraising, homework to finish, a project to plan, Thanksgiving to help organize, exercise to fit in, and Christmas gifts to buy. All take up space and time on my overwhelmed planner.

Some days I don’t even know what to do I feel so overwhelmed. Some days I have free time that must be used editing papers instead of relaxing with Netflix. Some days I just don’t want any of it!

But I do. Truly. Deep down. I want all of it or I wouldn’t be putting up with any it.

So I once more put my head down, brace my shoulders, and tackle the challenges ahead….all while looking at cute pictures of adorable kitty cats.

cat 2 cat 3 cat 4 cat


A Challenge I Don’t Want

This weekend marks my 5 year anniversary. Hurray! However, this weekend will also involve: driving a total of 10 hours, going hiking, watching a soccer game, studying for a midterm, meeting friends, watching football, eating out, and generally doing everything all the time always.


stress and weight loss

As happy as I am to participate in all of the adventures that will come with this weekend, I am also feeling pretty stressed out. Those just seem to be way too many things to manage while also getting through my school work and managing this challenge. Heck, this challenge alone is enough to stress me out.

So for this weekend I’m going to take things slow and breath through all of the stress and feelings of anxiety that come with having too much to do and not being able to afford failing. Expect my blog posts to be shorter (and try to help me out by posting some more over the weekend and tagging with “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge”), expect me to share some of my failures, and expect me to stick with this challenge out of loyalty for you all and my desire to show November who’s boss.

I’m already planning ahead to get in some extra exercise leading up to leaving on Thursday and I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks for the upcoming car ride. I guess there’s no use talking it over any more, it’s time to go and let the chips fall where they may (hopefully not into my mouth…).

Caution: Approaching the Danger Zone

danger tape

Anyone who has ever been on a health kick/dieted/tried to change their lifestyle is fully aware of the Danger Zone. The Danger Zone is a place where you suddenly find yourself after a long day with too little to eat and a mound of work that needs to get accomplished before you can even begin to think about sleeping the stress of the day away.

IMG_2643After working a Color Run on campus for 5 hours with only a bowl  of Cheerios to tide me over, I could sense I was heading towards certain trouble. Then after a meager long overdo lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and an orange, I could see the Danger Zone coming into clearer focus. When I realized that I would be stained blue all day and didn’t have a hope of making it to the gym, my eyes started casually glancing around for that familiar yellow tape. And now that I have a whole list of chores to complete (involving homework, studying, laundry, shopping, and writing papers), I am staring down the bright and risky entrance that is the Danger Zone.

hp birthday

Now when I say Danger Zone, someone’s first thought may be of a horrifying place where mayhem and madness rule, carrying the very real risk of deadly harm. False. The DZ prides itself on having warm cookies and pizza to greet me with, and there wouldn’t be a care in the world while I was chowing down on popcorn and Twix bars and chocolate and Chex Mix. I just know they’d have some Disney movie or Harry Potter film playing to entice me to stay longer. And in the Danger Zone, the word “work” is the most foul of the four lettered words (both in terms of exercise and school). The real danger comes after your blissful oblivion, when you begin to count up your calories and look at the clock forlornly wishing that Time Turners were real.

But luckily I’ve seen the warning signs. My lack of eating balanced meals throughout the day, the stress I’m feeling towards my To-Do list, and the fact that my morning was eaten away by an exhausting event are all spinning me around in circles and pointing me in the direction of trouble.

So tonight, I’m prepared. I’ve got some water to combat my hunger, I’ve got some plans to study outside of my room and in a public area where binging on peanut butter is not socially acceptable, and I’ve got the knowledge that I’ve made such tremendous progress.

What does your Danger Zone look like? What are some signs that you’re approaching the DZ? What do you do to stay out?

The Bite that Launched a Thousand Calories

pretzel nuggets

Sigh. I’ve done a bad thing.

Enter flashback.

Yesterday morning I was all cheers and smiles. I ate an oatmeal breakfast then had a turkey sandwich and fruit to follow up for a light lunch.

Enter trouble.

After 12:30 I didn’t get another chance to eat until 6:30. My grandparents came to visit and we were supposed to have a crab feast, but my Dad didn’t order enough for me because he thought I wouldn’t be home. There was no room at the table. I was feeling sleepy.

Enter food.

I grabbed a bag of pretzels (mistake 1, not using a bowl).

I believed that I could control myself (mistake 2, not portioning).

I tasted their salty deliciousness and could not stop myself from eating (mistake 3, snacking instead of eating dinner).

From then on I went on a tear. I ate cookies, a huge and unhealthy salad, Italian ice, and more pretzels. In large quantities.

Enter this morning.

I woke up determined not to continue this binge and to just forgive myself for yesterday’s transgressions. I even had a different blog topic for today about exercise…But instead, I accepted the invite to my pity party and wallowed in self doubt, loneliness, and a lack of self confidence, all with my trusty sidekick junk food by my side.

I know that I should just get back on track, but it is so difficult to forgive myself. To forget that I’ve hurt myself this badly. I know that I planned to love myself, but how can I love myself when I’m pushing down feelings of anger, frustration, and hatred at the same time.

Enter frustration.

For now, I’m going to try getting back on track.

For now, I’m going to continue with my exercise plan.

For now, I’m going to use this blog to avoid snacking temptation.

For the future, I’m going to conquer my binging problems, love myself, and consistently exercise and eat well.


An Apple a Day Keeps the Stress Away

Right now, I’m at work. And I’m stressed. Go figure.

While I would love nothing more than to reach into my kitchen closet (I’m working from home today where the nasty temptation monster lurks) and rip that bag of Chex Mix open, pouring chex, and pretzels, and those deliciously salty and seasoned pumpernickel pieces into my salivating mouth, I can’t.

But the craving is still there and this is the type of all consuming stress that only junk food can help alleviate.

Yet, being the good little happy healthy Katy that I am, I reached for an apple.

Blah! I don’t want an apple! It won’t help me destress! Ewww, I’m touching fruit!

cute applesBITE

Hey, that felt pretty satisfying…


Yeah, take that apple!


Hah! Don’t even mess with me!

Opting for an apple was the smartest thing I’ve done all day. I avoided temptation (though I’m not gonna lie, that Chex Mix still may not make it), ate something healthy, and destressed. All with a silly little red and juicy fruit.

an apple a day

<If you don’t like cheesiness, please stop reading here>

So, sorry strawberries, too bad bananas, bye-bye blueberries, it’s been real raspberries, later lemon! When I’m stressed, there’s only fruit that can be the  true apple of my eye.

Tea Time!


The past couple of days have found my throat aching and my stress levels rising, trying to adjust to a summer schedule seems to be getting the best of me. But in just such a circumstance, I know exactly where to turn. Tea!

Tea has a number of health benefits (which you can read about in more detail HERE) but its main benefit for me is tasting delicious. Green tea is my absolute favorite with peppermint and black tea varieties following up closely. There’s just something about settling down in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of tea to calm your nerves and tease out your smile.


While drinking tea won’t solve all of my problems, it definitely helps alleviate the stresses of my daily life in a way other than binging on junk foods. Whenever I feel the need to binge, I try and direct myself to a cup of tea. It’s a great plan, but one that I have a bit of trouble actually enacting.