Fitness with the Fam!

I’ve noticed that a good amount of the participants in this challenge are actively involved with having a family. They are in relationships with people who require constant attention, must be cleaned and cooked for, and should always have time devoted to them and their needs.

Little do those family members know, they are also your new workout buddies!

family exercise

Why not try adding a little familial love to your workout sessions. I’ve compiled a list of links that provide some good ideas on how to incorporate your loved ones into your healthy lifestyle:

What do you like doing with your family to keep everyone fit and healthy? Or do you prefer to workout solo?


4 thoughts on “Fitness with the Fam!

  1. It’s just me and my husband (for now). We sometimes go to the gym together but we always end up doing our own thing. I have a friend who sometimes comes to classes with me as well but mostly it never quite seems like anyone is as motivated as I am. Lol!

  2. I like a bit of both. There are days when they only way I can get a workout in, is to include my girls. They both love going for walks, running and playing outside. My oldest thought my job was to run for a while there – wouldn’t that be cool!
    Solo runs/workouts are great for my sole – a little time to myself and that makes me a better mom.

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