Tea Time!


The past couple of days have found my throat aching and my stress levels rising, trying to adjust to a summer schedule seems to be getting the best of me. But in just such a circumstance, I know exactly where to turn. Tea!

Tea has a number of health benefits (which you can read about in more detail HERE) but its main benefit for me is tasting delicious. Green tea is my absolute favorite with peppermint and black tea varieties following up closely. There’s just something about settling down in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of tea to calm your nerves and tease out your smile.


While drinking tea won’t solve all of my problems, it definitely helps alleviate the stresses of my daily life in a way other than binging on junk foods. Whenever I feel the need to binge, I try and direct myself to a cup of tea. It’s a great plan, but one that I have a bit of trouble actually enacting.