Since the purpose of this blog strongly relates to health through eating and exercise, I’m just going to provide a brief summation of my personal history with food and fitness.

I know it’s silly to talk about having a history with food. It is something people are surrounded with every day. Constantly. Always. But I’ve always had an odd relationship with eating.

Since I was young I’ve always relied on food to contribute to my happiness. I have early memories of declining to play outside so I could cozy up to the TV and eat cheese puffs. Oh how I regret falling into those habits. I slowly began to fluctuate between not paying attention to when/what/how much I was eating and controlling my food consumption so carefully that I eventually couldn’t sustain the pressure and began eating poorly again. I’m currently at a point where I can’t stop eating no matter how full I am. It began with a binge, but through my own disappointment in myself and my need to ignore problems that cause me discomfort I’ve let myself go quite badly. I’ve fallen into a rather vicious circle that I need to break free of once again. Though I currently seem to have my binging under control, I know that I need to stay on top of my eating habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Despite my uneasy history with food, my past experiences with exercise are much more pleasant. I never really discovered how important it was to stay fit until the later years of high school. I’d always kept relatively active in terms of rec sports, but never exercised just for exercise’s sake until college. There I discovered that I had a true passion for keeping active and attending the gym and group fitness classes. However, my emotional troubles led to eating setbacks which led to a decreased love of exercise. I know that I can regain that same spark, but first I need to overcome the pains plaguing my left leg and the mental block I have regarding my propensity for failure.

I just want:

  • To learn moderation
  • To naturally make healthy food choices
  • To exercise effortlessly and with passion
  • To eat cake and recognize that this does not grant me the ability to go on an all out binge fest
  • To share my successes with others
  • To share my failures with others
  • To share my journey with others

For other non-food related adventures, check out my blog, Living the Life.


11 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Are you still having leg issues?

    I hurt/pulled my ITBS band in both of my legs back in 2009, and haven’t been able to run the same since. I am trying to get in better overall shape and then start to slowly get back into running.

    I wish you the best on your journey!!!

  2. I do in fact, I started Living the Life first, then as I realized I had so many experiences in terms of health and fitness, I didn’t want to change the purpose of my other blog (basically, saying yes to life and college living)

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