From Bucket List to Daily Gift

The first of many more successful runs. I am just loving my life and my fitness right now!

Living the Life

One day I got it in my head that I would like to run an official race before I eventually and inevitably kicked the bucket. While I had always had a rocky roady relationship with running, I was unsure where this decision would lead me and was faced with the real possibility that my Pail List would contain an item that I may never cross off.

DSCN0843Yet, earlier this summer, I did indeed get to cross off “run an official race” after completing the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K in Maryland. Despite twisting my ankle a bit I came out of the race with the feeling of glowing accomplishment and a decent time of a bit after 36 minutes.

And then I kept running.

And I compiled a workout playlist

And I bought nice shoes.

And I printed more training schedules.

And I felt good about myself.

And I learned the…

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#893, Come On Down!

Earlier today I ran my first official 5K in Baltimore, MD.

Here are some of the numbers that show what it’s taken to arrive at this point:

  • I’ve been training for the past 3 months
  • I hurt my leg 4 times while training (including twisting my ankle the day before the race)
  • There were 3,211 participants, and I came in 1,410th place
  • My bib number was 893
  • It cost me a total of $45 to participate ($145 including the cost of my running shoes…)
  • My total run time was 34 minutes and 19 seconds

But more importantly:

  • There were 3.1 miles that I totally annihilated
  • I received so much support from at least 10 close family and friends
  • I was able to cross off 1 goal from my bucket list
  • 0 people are happier than me right now

I’ll post another blog in a bit regarding the specifics of this race, but for now I’m just going to appreciate all the effort that I’ve put into myself and my health. I am so thankful and appreciative that I have all of these numbers supporting my actions and urging me to keep going.

Here are some final departing numbers:

2014, another Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K, under 30 minutes. Let’s Go!


Plus, I got to take adorable pictures and update my Pail List!