An App a Day Keeps the Weight Away

fitness apps

My phone goes with me everywhere. I don’t use it for much more than listening to music and receiving pictures of my cat from my mom, but I always have it by my side.

And since it buddies around with me each day, why not put it to good use and add some apps that can help me stay on track and help shake off some pounds.

Here are some of the apps that I’m already using:

And here are some apps that seem promising:

Are there any specific apps that you use to stay in shape?


The Spark I Need

You know all of those silly online sites that promise community, the ability to log exercise and food, tips and tricks to lose the weight for good, and let you create whatever ridiculous fitness inspired status update you like? Yeah, I love them.

Mostly, I love SparkPeople.


The first time I joined Spark was about 2 yeas ago and it really helped me eat better and stay accountable. The community aspect was especially helpful, because for the first time in my life I wasn’t trying to get healthy alone. I actually had friends who wouldn’t get sick of me rambling on and on about how lonely my life was without peanut butter.

However, I ended up leaving because I felt that it was all too time consuming, and other areas of my life (relationships, work, school) were suffering because I was willingly spending too much time on Spark.

But now I’m ready for some more me time. I’m ready to say that everything else can just take a little break while I focus on getting harder, better, faster, stronger. Not that I’m looking to completely immerse myself in the Spark community again (though I know that is an option), but I’m just realizing that I was at my best when I was really relying upon that site to help me out. This blog has been a huge help as I seek support in my weight loss efforts, but I suddenly find myself craving the opportunity to recommit myself to a bigger community and admit that I ate three slices of pizza at the soccer tailgate yesterday with a food tracker that doesn’t judge.

In fact, I’ve already signed up once more and I’m feeling the spark so far and the encouragement that comes along with starting something new!

Are there any online sites that you rely upon to help with your fitness journey?