How to Win a Temptation Throwdown

pb creatureYou know it’s time to make a change. You know that this unnecessary weight needs to come off. You know that those extra layers of fat are not making it any easier to live your life to the fullest. But how can you possibly resist when the peanut butter monster comes a calling?

How do you muster up the commitment, the motivation, the ability to maintain a new lifestyle far into the future?

learn all the healthFor me, it works something like this:

  1. I decide I want to lose some lbs
  2. I research healthy eating and exercising and living and breathing habits
  3. I recognize all of the nasty habits that will keep those lbs on my bum

And now here’s the gold:

  1. When I want to do something bad, anything bad, when I just feel like I can’t live without that slice of chocolaty chocolate choco cake and my mouth starts to water just at the thought of reaching for a fork, I play/sing to “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley
  2. While I’m singing, I find something good, anything good to do, and I begin doing it while the song plays
  3. And while I’m writing a blog post or doing the dishes or hopping on the exercise bike or reading for class and that song is playing, I relax myself and focus on the good things that I can choose to do instead of feeling coerced into doing the activities that out-of-control-Katy loves the most (ex. pie eating contest for one)

    cake for one

    Chocolaty chocolate choco cake for one please

  4. After taking more than enough time to actually think over what I’m about to do and the fact that I’m already doing something positive, it’s usually enough to get me to throw that chocolaty chocolate choco cake out of my sight.
  5. And if by the end of the song I still have that insatiable desire, I rinse and repeat by listening to “American Pie” by Don McLean, and that calms me down for sure

A Reason to Eat

Eureka! I’ve discovered something marvelous; I should eat more!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been eating not so stellarly, binging every chance I get, stressing out over my food choices, and dreading any trip to the kitchen for fear that I won’t be able to control myself.

And what do all of these binge days have in common? I go about 6 hours without eating. Just me, some stress, and a growling stomach that makes noises reminiscent of an irate monster (or an adorable Pooh Bear)

pooh bear rumbly tumbly

I use to always snack in between meals, but since I’m watching my budget in addition to my weight, I’ve cut down on the amount of food I have on hand.

food clockTo try and combat my stomach’s cravings of gut busting foods, I’m going to try carrying around healthier options that will constantly keep me feeling satisfied no matter the time of day and when I last ate.

Who would have thought that my weight loss efforts could be sabotaged from not eating enough? But, I’m loving the chance I’ve given myself to eat more! (Provided it’s healthy of course…)