The Seafood Buffet: An Adventure in Moderation

After soaking up some rays on the beach, playing mini golf to my heart’s content, and eating my way through some of the tastiest Maryland Crab soup while sitting a foot away from the bay, my thoughts turned to dinner.

It had been about 4 years since I last visited a buffet down at Ocean City, and I thought the time was right for a visit. Why pay $25 dollars for a regular plate of a limited seafood selection when $30 can give you access to an all-you-can-eat extravaganza? Where else can you feel free to try new and interesting varieties of seafood without fear of disliking what you’ve tried and wasting money on your plate? (This is how I found out that catfish is pretty tasty). How can you resist the lure of so many options all available hot, fresh, and more colorful than the sea?! And how, how, can you ignore a coupon for $5 off?

embersSo I went in.

And it was glorious.

Seafood as far as the eye could see! Mussels, clams, shrimp, oh my! Embers had it all, and it was all mine for the taking!

After getting a small serving of a few different options, I made my way back to the table and began digging in. There may have been literal digging involved, as I was so excited that I’m pretty sure I neglected my utensils for the first 5 minutes.

Despite being at a buffet, I managed to avoid most fried foods (though I couldn’t give up my fried scallops entirely), I stayed away from the dessert table (holy cannoli, I still can’t believe I passed on those brownies), and I drank water like I was one of the fishes (but not the ones on my plate).

However, I ate 10 snow crab leg clusters.

Yes, 10.

The number after 9.

Because apparently 9 just couldn’t cut it.

money fishI have this weird obsession regarding getting my money’s worth. And while it’s great for ensuring that I complete that 5K run that I’ve already paid for, it seemed to weigh me down with succulent crab meat in this instance.

I figured that if I wanted to get my money’s worth, I would have to hit the seafood pretty hard.

Enter snow crab legs.


I had eaten around 5 when I got it into my head that it’d be fun to eat into the double digits.

What the heck is my definition of fun?!

I got to 8 and I was so full that I was basically cracking open the shell, taking a little nibble, and moving on to the next one. But I made it to 10.

I don’t even know how to feel about this action.

On one hand: I ate something healthy

On the other hand: I ate A LOT of something healthy

On one hand: I got my money’s worth

On the other hand: I got MORE than my money’s worth

On one hand: I had a good time enjoying something that I rarely get to eat

On the other hand: I was so full that I realized why I rarely eat at buffets

I suppose that all in all, I’m happy with how I did at the buffet. Should I have been there in the first place? Probably not. But, I’m proud of myself for sticking to food that was good for me, even if I ended up eating it in such large quantities that I drew stares from those seated around me and the waitstaff was probably in the back betting on how long I could keep stuffing food into my mouth.


Jealous for All the Right Reasons

yellow bikini

Never in my life have I noticed so many bikinis at the beach. I’ve also failed to notice so many fit and healthy girls who wear them. What I have definitely and repeatedly noticed? How I look in my lumpy bumpy clumpy frumpy bathing suit.

There once was a time in my life where the image of toned and tan girls strutting around in their itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikinis would elicit an outward grimace and an inner sigh of defeat. But, this past weekend, while enjoying the Ocean City beach, I was struck by a different perspective on a familiar emotion.


However, there was no, “Look at that body, she must not eat a thing! Someone get her some chocolate STAT!”

No, “Yeah, her abs look great, but look at those highlights, gag!”

No, “Why couldn’t I be born looking that way?!?”

Instead, my green monster of jealousy took a big ol’ bite of humble pie and dreamily declared:

“Wow, she must have worked really hard to look like that.”

“I bet if I could really get a handle on my health, I could look and feel the same.”

“Someone should compliment her, but not me, because I don’t know her and that’d be creepy…”

Even though I was justifiably jealous over how fit other women were looking in their bikinis, I’m proud of myself for learning that not everything comes easily to everyone. If I want to improve on my already gorgeous physique, it’s going to take hard work instead of heated words.

celebrate bodys

As long as this new found form of jealousy encourages me to focus on improving myself instead of projecting negatively onto others, I don’t see how I can lose with so much bikini body inspiration on my side.

Bring the Butter, Skip the Soda

DSCN0882Last week, I chronicled my worries and fear regarding my food and fitness level while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. (Click HERE for a recap)

While I had a blast dipping my toes in water so frigid it numbed my lower extremities in seconds, I also had a great time interacting with food. By great, I mean mediocre. And I’ll take it!

Yes, I admit, I splurged on some favorite dishes of mine such as buttery sauteed sea scallops at Phillip’s and sweet and cheesy Dough Roller pizza.


But, it’s important to know that I also avoided desserts after such deliciously decadent dinners and I faithfully toted around my water bottle. I also made some smartish ordering decisions, such as opting for tuna salad on wheat and splitting large dinner meals with others. Additionally, I loaded up our home with smart snacks like pretzels and crunchy cereal to keep my cravings to a minimum. Not to mention all of the exercise I got in biking around the neighborhood, beating my family at mini golf, and playing with my cat.

No, I didn’t stick to munching on salads the whole vacation, but yes, I did a great job of treating myself while remembering my fitness goals and nutritional progress.

If you’d like to know more about my happy and healthy trip, I’m going to post an update on Living the Life with lovely pictures of the beach and some fun fireworks I witnessed on the 4th.

Vacation Preparation: One Girl’s Journey to Avoid the Pitfalls of Vacation Eating

I have this blog because I love food. But this love is not all goodness and pureness and light. And when I go on vacation with this love, our relationship tends to turn volatile.

IMG_2113Later today I’m leaving with my family for a 5 day vacation in Ocean City, MD. My grandparents live right around the town and we’ve been frequenting the coast at least once a year for as long as I can remember. Along with a hoppin’ beach, the best mini golf I’ve ever played (Old Pro for life!), and a boardwalk teeming with games and activity, comes Trouble.

I was going to find a scary food monster, but this is just too darling not to share

I was going to find a scary food monster, but this is just too darling not to share

Trouble is my pet name for Candy Kitchen, Phillips Seafood, Nick’s House of Ribs, all boardwalk food ever made, The Dough Roller, Dumser’s Dairy Land, and Fat Daddy’s Subs.

I’ve been eating well, exercising regularly, and soaking up the happiness in my life for a good week now. I love this happy healthy Katy. But happy healthy Katy also loves Trouble.

So here is happy healthy Katy’s plan for dealing with Trouble on her upcoming vacation:

  • Embrace Trouble. If I try to neglect Trouble’s presence in my life, it will only cause me to run into its buttery arms all the more.
  • …Imagine buttery arms, that’s a disgusting image and makes me not want to eat. (Lucky for you I couldn’t find a picture to go with this)
  • Tolerate Trouble in little amounts. I am absolutely horrible with moderation, and tend to be an all or nothing person, I just need to accept that some Trouble is OK, but too much Trouble is just trouble.
  • Snack more! If I snack on healthy foods throughout the day, maybe Trouble’s buttery arms (gag) won’t look so appealing
  • Budget my trip. Trouble is expensive, and since I don’t have paying jobs this summer, I have plenty of motivation to save money

For now, all I can do is appreciate how well things have been going in my life and plan for the challenges to come.

If anyone has any advice on how to avoid Trouble or would care to comment on their own Trouble, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Wish me luck and expect my next post to detail my hopefully happy and healthy vacation!

I'll definitely focus on taking more lovely pictures!

I’ll definitely focus on taking more lovely pictures!