All the Challenges!

The Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge that I’m hosting is probably not the first time you’ve ever partaken in a challenge. It may, however, be the first time that you’ve partaken in such a loosely structured challenge that doesn’t require you to do at least 20 squats a day until you work your way up to 700 by the end of the 30 days (because I don’t want to kill you).

But I know that some people really crave the structure and organization that comes with those challenges that tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get a butt that you can strut.

fitandtrim-01 planksgiving

So I’ve found a delightful, albeit random, Pinterest page that contains a whole host of 30 Day Challenges that you can feel free to incorporate into your regular Fall into Fitness schedule:

Do you have any challenges that you’ve done in the past that you’d like to share with us through the “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge” tag? Or do you prefer to go at things your own pace and not restrict yourself to a schedule?


6 thoughts on “All the Challenges!

  1. I love the 30 days challenges that I see and I typically print them off and never do them. I need someone to tell me I have to do them for some reason? Not sure why that is because I know that they will all be beneficial for me and something so easy I can do.

    I am going to give a go at the fit and trim November one you have there.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. I did the 9 week couch to 5km challenge, which is what got me into doing exercise for the first time in my life really. Now my main challenge is just to keep exercising at least 5 times per week!

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