Day One, Making Progress

As is usually the case with Day Ones, I’m off to a great start! The past couple of days I’ve tried to get back on track eating well and exercising, but by the end of the day I was shoveling spoonfuls of peanut butter into my mouth without even pausing to consider the action.

work in progress

And while the day is far from over, I’ve kept busy and happy enough to call this my official Day One, as marked by my successful exercising and eating well.

Here is why today has been a success, and hopefully I can replicate some of these actions each day to continue progressing:

  • Woke up naturally from 8 hours of sleep
  • Blogged in the morning while mentally preparing for the day
  • Drank a nice hot cup of tea
  • Watched some Price is Right
  • Cleaned and organized the house
  • Listened to music while moving around
  • Went for a run on the treadmill
  • Played with my cat
  • Prepared a homemade dinner

While I may not be able to watch the Price is Right every day, it was nice to have a relaxing way to ease myself into getting back on track. I still run the risk of binge eating later tonight, but if I feel the temptation I’ll try to remember this blog and the commitment I made to myself.

drew carey weight lossAlso, I never realized that Drew Carey from the Price is Right is a¬†terrific¬†weight loss role model! I keep forgetting that he use to be overweight…