An Unexpected Progress

netdiaryAbout a year ago, in the throngs of my highest-weight-ever-and-nonstop-eating-while-ignoring-that-such-thing-as-a-gym-exists phase, I downloaded a nutrition tracker app to help keep me accountable of what foods I was eating. The one I chose is called MyNetDiary. While it was a good tool for tracking my progress, I found it to be a little restricting that I had to constantly keep on top of what I was eating, and my eventual and inevitable frustration won in the long run, and I stopped using the app to track every meal (though I still refer to it when I need a quick nutrition summation of certain foods).

Yesterday, while enjoying my egg salad sandwich, I was hit by a whimsy of curiosity and decided to check on my handy dandy little tool what the nutrition content in such a sandwich would shape up to be. I discovered it equated to a moderate amount of calories (around 350) and a fine source of protein, but what’s more, I discovered the weight that I had last entered when I had used the app regularly.

It was 177 pounds.


I think I blocked that out.

For most of my life I’ve hovered around 150-160 pounds. As soon as I got to 177 I actually made a huge effort to lose the weight and in a manner of a few months I was back to around 160.

help scale

Then the summer came, and with it my frequent stops for Italian Ice, delicious and buttery seafood dinners, and relaxing nights spent escaping the heat in the AC; I seemed to maintain a weight of about 165. With a renewed enthusiasm for fitness as I headed off to school, I’ve been sticking to my plan so well and have managed to get back down to the 150 mark, where I hovered for most of high school. I looked at my progress so far as having lost 10 pounds. But that’s not true. I did in fact weight 177 pounds at one point, and seeing as that weight is gone now, my total number of pounds dropped is 27. I’ve lose nearly 30 pounds!

Just because I want to block out how I came to become truly overweight/obese for the first time in my life does not mean that I should ignore the tremendous work that I’ve done in order to get back to my regularly overweight self. And with having lost 30 pounds already, dropping another 10 sounds like a walk in the park.

Let’s do this thing!



Yes, It’s Worth It

nothing is worth it

Things have been going pretty darn good for me lately. Pretty darn fantastical wonderful stupendical, in fact.

These past few weeks have seen me exercising like a lunatic, falling in love with the gym all over again, and finding any excuse to get outside and move my body (no matter how embarrassing I may look). And all of my little fat cells absolutely hate me for it; which all my little brain cells love me for it.

Just thinking back a few months ago, I remember trying to hide my general unhappiness with being overweight and out of shape. Mostly, I would eat to make myself feel better about being overweight. Yeah, that doesn’t make sense to me either….though it worked fairly well. While I was eating I felt good. While I was eating I could forget about wherever my worries lay. While I was eating I was content.

And then after the eating I was anxious and worried and disappointed and upset and emotional and disappointed and defeated and sad and angry and disappointed. Which would make me eat more. But eventually everybody reaches their food limit, and there were times when I literally could not continue eating. So then what? Well, then I was stuck with those unhappy thoughts and no way of comforting myself. Cue public service announcement on the dangers of relying on chocolate and peanut butter to solve your problems.

But now that I’ve seen the brilliant and divine light of exercise and healthy eating, I’ve come to a stunning realization.

Eating keeps you happy some of the time; fitness keeps you happy all of the time.

Even when I’m not running around at the gym and shoving apples into my mouth, I find myself in a better mood. When walking around campus, I notice that I’m smiling with confidence. I go home at night and instead of wallowing in self-pity, I do a few jumping jacks and call up a friend. Eating better and exercising has enriched almost every aspect of my life (though maybe not the aspect that involves free time).

While there are days that I struggle and times where I know it’d be so much easier to call up Papa Johns and order myself a whole pizza with mushrooms and pineapple, on most every day, I am thrilled to be alive and actively participating in my life.

It was a tough transition. It is still hard. But it is and will always be oh so worth it.long road worth it

Yes You Are Fat, That Is No Excuse Not To Start Exercising

This blog post presents such a good point. Everyone can contribute to their health no matter their body shape, fitness level, or past failings. Every little step will add up to many miles if you stick to your plan and always envision your goal.

Awesome Åshild

No, it isn’t. You are just looking for an excuse. I am not saying you need to go straight into hardcore bootcamps, 100kg squats and burpees, I am just saying you can do something. Everyone can do something! This morning it was raining outside and my alarm went off at 6AM. How easy wouldn’t it be to use the excuse ‘it’s raining’ or ‘it’s to cold’? Well, I hate to tell you, but those excuses are not valid. No excuses are valid. Get over it and get on with it. youcandoit

I know, starting to exercise is not easy, especially if you are overweight and never really have done anything physical, except getting in and ut of the car for the last few (twenty?) years. Even if you don’t really have any excuses not to start, you might be uncertain what you can do or what your body is actually capable…

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The Name of the Game – Success!

success story

Check out these beautiful and inspiring success stories regarding weight loss:

Nothing gets me more pumped for living a healthy lifestyle than reading up on people whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to their new outlook on diet and fitness.

I need to take a “Before” picture so that I can write up my own one day.

One Step at a Time

how to lose 30 poundsThe simple things in life always bring about the most happiness. Weight loss can be simple too, if you just take a creative approach to it. Mainly, take your time and make every milestone into a manageable goal.

I have never felt like weight loss was so possible as with reading this quote. Like anyone, I’m a sucker for some inspirational word play.

The Green Eyed Monster Lends a Helping Hand

Last night I had a long and crazy dream. It involved Harry Potter, an evil 2-Dimensional frog, and little children who kept trying to throw my laptop into a hotel pool. But, it was another image that had the biggest affect upon my nighttime fantasies.

I was getting off of a bus and filing into a hotel when I noticed my friend Lisa standing in front of me. Lisa has always been slightly heavy, but my dream version of her had lost significant weight and was looking great. As I continued walking towards her, I was overcome with jealousy at her amazing transformation and wanted nothing more than to bring down her accomplishment and prove how much better I was than her.

Harsh. I’m not proud of dream Katy. I wouldn’t want to be friends with dream Katy. But I also recognize where dream Katy is coming from.

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

I haven’t been doing that well with my weight loss, and I think I needed a kick like this to spur me into action. Why should I sit on the side munching on potato chips while everyone else jogs right on by? I could either lash out at others as they progress, or I could recognize that I have the potential to change myself and happily join the world in success.

I wasn’t happy with a lot that happened in the dream. I wasn’t happy with how I felt about myself, how I was acting towards a good friend, and how I didn’t care about changing.

But now that I’m awake, I’m ready to change not just my body, but my attitude.

chasing a dream