The Green Eyed Monster Lends a Helping Hand

Last night I had a long and crazy dream. It involved Harry Potter, an evil 2-Dimensional frog, and little children who kept trying to throw my laptop into a hotel pool. But, it was another image that had the biggest affect upon my nighttime fantasies.

I was getting off of a bus and filing into a hotel when I noticed my friend Lisa standing in front of me. Lisa has always been slightly heavy, but my dream version of her had lost significant weight and was looking great. As I continued walking towards her, I was overcome with jealousy at her amazing transformation and wanted nothing more than to bring down her accomplishment and prove how much better I was than her.

Harsh. I’m not proud of dream Katy. I wouldn’t want to be friends with dream Katy. But I also recognize where dream Katy is coming from.

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

Not all green eyed monsters are bad

I haven’t been doing that well with my weight loss, and I think I needed a kick like this to spur me into action. Why should I sit on the side munching on potato chips while everyone else jogs right on by? I could either lash out at others as they progress, or I could recognize that I have the potential to change myself and happily join the world in success.

I wasn’t happy with a lot that happened in the dream. I wasn’t happy with how I felt about myself, how I was acting towards a good friend, and how I didn’t care about changing.

But now that I’m awake, I’m ready to change not just my body, but my attitude.

chasing a dream