I was Miss America for 5 minutes!!

It’s truly the most wonderful feeling when we start to realize that our journey is actually leading us somewhere! Celebrate your progress and be proud of who you are and what you’re capable of!

The Incredible Shrinking Momma

If you have been following and reading my blog posts, then you know about my weight-loss. This week as I’ve been walking and jogging in the freezing cold wind, I have been thinking about the past 8 months, about the highs and lows, the struggles and the triumphs. Keeping my mind busy while I’m moving really helps me brave the weather.

Near the end of July, I had lost 50 pounds. I was going through life wearing extremely baggy clothing, there was nothing in my closet that fit me. I was determined to make it until September to go shopping for clothes because it seemed crazy to spend money on outfits that I would only wear for a few months. Wearing clothing that is too big, NOT comfortable… I felt like I was constantly pulling and adjusting plus, it’s HOT in July, so sweating added to the discomfort.
I finally…

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Sweating Off the Pounds

Sometimes I feel as if I’m sweating so profusely much that I must be losing weight from all of the nasty liquid dripping off of my body. Why is this our reward for working out and doing our very best to stay fit?

I ran about 3.5 miles today, and people won’t know that from looking at my toned legs and tighter stomach, they’ll know from the sweat that sticks in my hair and clings to my face, not to mention the circles of perspiration continuously residing under my armpits.

But does this really upset me? No! Because all of that sweat is proof that I’ve been working hard and pushing myself to new and more fabulous limits. Sometimes we just need to look horribly disgusting for hours at a time so that on certain days and in the right lighting and under a full moon and with certain accessories and when squinting with one eye and with our body tilted at a certain angle, we actually look pretty good.

towels and sweat sweat and training real women sweat sweat and motivation pet sweat pretty and sweat goals and sweat no we sweat

So About This 5K…

As I’ve already mentioned, over the weekend I completed my first official 5K. And I’ve got some thoughts on that. Big, important, healthy, happy thoughts.

IMG_2170Firstly, I rock. Of course there’s that percentage of the population who has been running for years on end and can complete two 5Ks before breakfast, but I’m going to ignore their justifiably lofty opinions. I rock in the eyes of my family and friends and everyone who watched me struggle to get fit and push myself towards this goal. And I can feel this awesomeness spreading throughout my entire being, encouraging me to pursue fitness and continue towards that bright and glorious life I can have if I take this opportunity to launch myself into the healthy lifestyle I’ve avoided for the past month.

Secondly, I haven’t been avoiding a healthy lifestyle since the race (wow, three whole days…). But considering I hadn’t been taking care of myself for a month before this, I’ll take it. I always find a turning point to say, “Alright Katy, this’ll be the last day you ever polish off a bag of Doritos” or “Katy! I just know that come Monday you’ll magically exercise with extreme consistency!” And maybe this is another stupid turning point, but so far it’s fulfilled its purpose only by springing me into a healthy pattern, something I’ve  been craving even more than peanut butter.

Thirdly, I am in love. Again. With life. I go through these glorious periods (usually while riding a fitness and nutrition kick) where I am just so darn grateful to be alive. Where I look at the sky, and see a hopping bunny rabbit in my yard, and smell the freshly cut grass, and cuddle up against my cat, and I have to fight back the occasional tears of joy at simply being around to experience all of life’s little miracles. I can’t even give you a picture to go along with those examples, because there is nothing that beats the feeling of living and experiencing life in real time.

Yes, this level of emotion and gratitude is probably weird, but I am oh so thankful for being able to recognize what I have, because it allows me to say yes to living and appreciate every single moment that I spend in the circumstance of life.

life is beautiful quote

I don’t think followers of this blog have really seen me put together a post while I’m feeling this solidly good about my prospects. But as I’m typing this out, my heart is just beating with giddiness at the very chance to express myself in such a profoundly personal manner and hopefully encourage some readers to examine all of the blessings they are granted just by being alive.

That’s funny, I remember when I started typing this post and it was about a 5K…