Orange You Glad You Ate This Fruit Today?

I’ve started losing weight again. Hurray! I’ve also started eating oranges again. Double hurray!

Not only do they provide a wonderful way of relieving anxiety (as peeling oranges may or may not be proven to reduce stress). Not only do they promote weight loss (as eating oranges may or may not be proven to help shed weight). Not only do oranges make a tasty and delicious treat for any occasion (as even smelling oranges is most definitely associated with happiness and good times). But oranges are so much fun to eat!

Here are some more credible websites that are discussing the amazing benefits of oranges:

Natural Weight Loss

All the Benefits

About the Orange

Health and Pretty Pictures

I swear that the majority of my weight loss last year can be credited to eating oranges. Despite their propensity for eroding tooth enamel with their acidity, I try to eat about one a day. And I must say, I’m loving the results right now!

Not to mention, I have so much fun eating them!


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