Making My Day and Then Some

While working as a cashier for the school dining hall, I struck up a friendly conversation with a customer, as I am apt to do. I took advantage of his friendly nature to talk about how he was liking school, the first day of classes, and how excited he was to be living in his section of campus. Small talk small talk small talk. Of course, our talk turned to majors. He was a business major and excited to finally be a part of the business school. Small talk small talk small talk. Then, he decided to guess which major I was, and he hazarded the thought:

“Are you a kinesiology major?”

For those of you who are unaware of this field, kinesiology is basically the sports and fitness and physical therapy major of our school.

He thought I majored in exercise.

I nearly died.

“I just thought you looked like you’d be one of those group fitness instructors.”

I actually died.

I mumbled that I was an English and Communications major, but I’m beyond thrilled and proud and pleased and excited and pumped that somewhere in this  mess of a universe someone could find me fit and believe that I held a commitment to my health just by looking at me.

knsc major


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