A Magazine Named Fitness

A few months ago, I signed up to receive a two year subscription to Fitness Magazine for the low low rate of $8 (which I felt was actually a rockin’ deal). I’d never really subscribed to anything before, and was ready for an adventure on if I would find the magazine useful (for more than swatting at bugs), helpful (for more than just showing me how to look good in workout gear), or entertaining (for more than just laughing at the silly and ridiculously challenging exercises they’d bid me to do in order to get a sizzling sexy summer butt).

Yeah right...

Yeah right…

So far, I haven’t been disappointed. While Fitness subscribes to the typical magazine fashion of having ads on nearly every other page, the majority of the articles/pictures/recipes/exercises are intriguing and tend to spice up my routine once a month (even if I don’t end up following through with them).

But, there has definitely been one blessing from this magazine subscription which was my primary purpose for signing up for these 20 issues in the first place; it keeps me accountable. Knowing that I will get a new issue every month seems to keep me on track. Even if I haven’t done well for a week or two, I’ll receive the newest issue and recall all the times that I’ve read this while being devoted to my health, all the promises that I’ve made to myself back in February when I decided to give this thing a whirl, and I’ll remember all of the positivity and support that I’ve received in the form of women expressed in text.

While I may not need to know, or I may not necessarily even care, how to keep my ankles looking young, I do appreciate the support that I seem to derive from these colorful and engaging pages being delivered to my house.

Plus, the covers usually always make me laugh; who needs a revealing bikini to get fit?

Instead of making me feel bad about myself, this cover just makes me question the definition of "fit"

Instead of making me feel bad about myself, this cover just makes me question the definition of “fit”


2 thoughts on “A Magazine Named Fitness

  1. Great article! This is actually something that I recommend my clients to do! This is a great step to creating that “healthy lifestyle” … we often become what we surround ourselves by. By reading the magazine and even just keeping it on your coffee table reminds you to be more aware of your health!

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