My Story, My Weight

Throwback Thursday and time to drop some truth.

As a child I vividly remember my friend Megan ringing the doorbell to my house and asking if I’d like to go out and play. I said no, I had too much homework that I needed to finish before my parents got home. And then I grabbed a bag of cheese puffs and ate them while watching Arthur.

This is the first memory I have of my unhealthy relationship with food.

All throughout middle school I never worried about nutrition or exercise. I thought that the only people that were concerned with ellipticals were old people. I did a few sports, I ate what my parents put in front of me (not always the best of options), and I was generally happy with who I was. At one point I remember weighing myself and seeing the number “125”. I didn’t know what it meant exactly, but it concerned me and I vowed that if I could just stay at 125 for the rest of my life and stop growing, I would be content. Didn’t happen.

Then, towards 8th grade I began walking every day. Hour long walks around the neighborhood with some bounces on a mini trampoline that I just had to have. Those two forms of exercise and my decision to eat healthier and almost exclusively order grilled chicken at restaurants lead to me feeling happy and healthy with my body. I kept this up for nearly a year before I let my grandmother’s death derail my healthy lifestyle.

In high school I didn’t have many friends, but I did have TV dinners that I would eat as snacks and peanut butter that I learned tasted even better straight from the jar. I was still aware of my weight and my lack of exercise, and as I became aware of my emotions I began to binge late at night. Junior year of high school I got a boyfriend which first lead me to be quite concerned over my body image. Turns out he was a truly good person and loved me no matter what I looked like, so we put on a few pounds together.

College saw me drop to my lowest ever weight of 138. I was exercising regularly, eating quite well, and loving how I felt in my body. But two health concerns, a student life, and the worry of making friends later, I found myself at my highest ever ever ever weight of 177 pounds. After a year of hard work, shamelessly using my friends as exercise buddies, and my long and heartfelt conversations with that same boyfriend, I whittled my weight down to my high school usual of 155.

And now I’m going to prove to myself that I can return to the same girl that I was freshman year who weighted 138 pounds and was in control of her life.

After this Fall into Fitness Challenge, I will be strong again.

That’s all I remember and all you need to know about my weight loss story. What does your story entail?

Skinny Katy is on the attack

Skinny Katy is on the attack


10 thoughts on “My Story, My Weight

    I mean, I’m sorry about your struggles, but in high school I was 125-135, once I reached college-doing a double major and a minor AND working full time..well, I gained 30+lbs quickly.

    I graduated in ’09 and have since lost the weight!
    If you would like I started a new blog and I offer weekly training schedules and so much more-they have helped me and other girlfriends!

    Good luck!

    • That’s absolutely great that you’ve been able to take control over your weight again! College is definitely a struggle and I hope that next semester (my last semester) I’ll be able to wrangle my weight down for sure. Also I’ll be following your blog 🙂

  2. I had a mild eating disorder as a teenager and so when I got better I just didn’t weigh myself for 15 years. I knew I’d gotten quite big over the years especially since I got married but it wasn’t until I watched Embarrassing Fat Bodies and thought if I keep going that could be me that I started exercising and thinking about my food choices more. I’ve lost 29lbs so far and I’ve got about 35 to go for my goal weight of 154 (I’m quite tall). I’m not giving up till I get there.

  3. So since I was a kid I remember feeling fat… except when I look back I wasn’t at all! I wasn’t even chubby. I don’t know why I always thought I was chubby. I was always average.
    That thought continued throughout my life. It wasn’t until 2nd year of university where I started gaining more wight. I went through a tough time that year and I stopped working out and eating poorly.
    Now I am making the change and exercising and eating better. I feel so much better about myself!

    • That’s so great to hear! People think so much about progress as pounds lost starting on a certain date, but progress is really about how you feel and act throughout your life

      • Yea exactly previously when I tried to lose weight I would lose quick and gain quick. Now It has taken me many many months to lose 20 lbs but I know this will be easier to sustain. Because I am not depriving myself like I did when I had those quick losses. The number on the scale no longer has me hung up. I feel great and I am happy. Those are so much more rewarding than a number.

  4. My weight has gone up and down but more later 18+ to 24. I broke up with my then boyfriend and managed to loose a good amount of weight. Years later, in between having my daughters I was the lowest i’ve been in a LONG long time! (And i’m on my way again to getting my desired weight)

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