To the Victor Go the Spoils

What do a workout towel, a jump rope, a measuring tape, hair ties and hair bands, deodorant, healthy snacks, a resistance band and workout chart, a notebook, sugar free gum, some fun extras, and a water bottle all have in common? They can be yours for the low low price of living a healthy life!

I bet you wouldn't even want a basket like this after eating so much better during this challenge!

I bet you wouldn’t even want a basket like this after eating so much healthier during this challenge!

That’s right, the first place winner of the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge will receive a package containing all of those healthy happy essentials. (And if you have any small and *cough* affordable *cough* suggestions to add feel free to let me know). Tori will also be announcing her second place prize soon so look out for more chances to win just from committing to getting into shape before the winter weather takes control.

So stop reading this post and get to writing blogs regarding this challenge, logging those exercise hours, and dropping those pounds, because as of the first 10 days we have already logged more than 140 points!


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