Halfway There

Great news everybody! We are halfway through the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge!

fall into fitness picture

What have you done splendidly with these 15 days? What have you not done so splendidly with these 15 days? (I’ll have a lot to say on that front) Are you making any more challenge plans for the future? Are you taking the month of December off after we finish up with this?

Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the first place prize for our winner to really add some pep to your plans, so stay strong because you have done so well and you have so much more time in which to do good things! But don’t be afraid to take a break today, because you’ve earned it!

take a break


8 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. The exercise is going well… the diet less well but overall I am having a great time. I will be relaxing a little over Christmas but for me the challenge continues in December.

  2. I am catching up with my blogs today and it is funny you ask if we are taking December off. I was talking about this challenge with my coworker and said that I need to do this 30 day challenge into December cause I have a weakness for the candy and baked goods. I am going to do my best to stay strong and maybe will have it that I can enjoy a few treats a week.

    I’m enjoying this challenge and happy you and Tori did it. Thank you.

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