Play that Funky Music!

What’s your favorite song to jam out to while working on your fitness?

I’m such a fan of You Make My Dreams Come True and Mambo No. 5 that I could most likely run a marathon if they were on a constant loop.

And no wonder, considering:

  1. Music distracts you from your exertion
  2. Bopping to the beat improves your mood
  3. Tunes with a moderately fast beat make you work harder
  4. Songs help you get in the zone by recalling past performances
  5. Beats can help you stay on pace
  6. Music makes you want to move and is a great source of motivation

music and exercise

While I do love music, I can’t help but wish that eating Doritos provided these kinds of exercise benefits…


4 thoughts on “Play that Funky Music!

  1. People probably think I have Spams or something when I’m running I can’t help but try and work some dance moves in.

    Typically I like to listen to anything I can dance to. My favorite two are thrift shop and close to you. Always help me power through 🙂

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