Day 10 of Fall into Fitness

Today marks the 10 day anniversary of the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge.

fall into fitness picture

And wow has this challenge taken its sweet time. I have never had 10 days drag on quite like these. It seems that the more I want this challenge to hurry itself up the more time seems to slow down for me. I guess I shouldn’t really be complaining as this allows me more time to exercise, but that also means more time is available to suffer from chocolate cravings…

20 days left

Despite those chocolate cravings, I’ve done a fairly decent job of staying on track. While I’m not going to post any of my own point tallies quite yet, I encourage you to share how you’ve progressed and how you’re feeling now that we’re a third of the way done with this challenge. It isn’t required that you blog about your progress, but don’t forget to email your point tallies to where you can receive one point per each pound lost, each blog shared (with the Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge tag), and each hour of cumulative exercise.

And if your patience is beginning to wane a bit with this challenge (like mine continually threatens to do), fear not! Because in a few days time me and Tori will be announcing what prizes we’re giving away to our first and second place winner, and that should add some pep in your step!


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