A Challenge I Don’t Want

This weekend marks my 5 year anniversary. Hurray! However, this weekend will also involve: driving a total of 10 hours, going hiking, watching a soccer game, studying for a midterm, meeting friends, watching football, eating out, and generally doing everything all the time always.


stress and weight loss

As happy as I am to participate in all of the adventures that will come with this weekend, I am also feeling pretty stressed out. Those just seem to be way too many things to manage while also getting through my school work and managing this challenge. Heck, this challenge alone is enough to stress me out.

So for this weekend I’m going to take things slow and breath through all of the stress and feelings of anxiety that come with having too much to do and not being able to afford failing. Expect my blog posts to be shorter (and try to help me out by posting some more over the weekend and tagging with “Fall into Fitness 30 Day Challenge”), expect me to share some of my failures, and expect me to stick with this challenge out of loyalty for you all and my desire to show November who’s boss.

I’m already planning ahead to get in some extra exercise leading up to leaving on Thursday and I’ve stocked up on healthy snacks for the upcoming car ride. I guess there’s no use talking it over any more, it’s time to go and let the chips fall where they may (hopefully not into my mouth…).


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