A Recruiting Challenge

I am so in love with this idea to create a free and supportive 30 Day Challenge in order to promote fitness and exercising during a time when the winter chill sends me straight for the heater and hot chocolate.

ryan gosling challenge meme

However, I’m a bit surprised at how difficult it is to find people willing to participate. I have a solid group of a few people who seem genuinely enthused, but the rest of the people that liked my post seem hesitant.

But what could be better than motivation, new friends, healthy and fitnessy information, feeling good about yourself, and the potential to win prizes?!

I’ve even taking to searching around on some other people’s blogs and inviting them to check out this awesome challenge (hopefully without sounding too creepy).

I promise that I only want to get people involved so they can exercise, stay fit, blog about their experience, and be that much happier for the next 30 days, is that too much to ask? I think not.

get fit

So leave me a message if you’re interested and spread the word, because ready or not the 30 Day Challenge (which needs a snazzier name at this point) is coming soon!


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