Sweating Off the Pounds

Sometimes I feel as if I’m sweating so profusely much that I must be losing weight from all of the nasty liquid dripping off of my body. Why is this our reward for working out and doing our very best to stay fit?

I ran about 3.5 miles today, and people won’t know that from looking at my toned legs and tighter stomach, they’ll know from the sweat that sticks in my hair and clings to my face, not to mention the circles of perspiration continuously residing under my armpits.

But does this really upset me? No! Because all of that sweat is proof that I’ve been working hard and pushing myself to new and more fabulous limits. Sometimes we just need to look horribly disgusting for hours at a time so that on certain days and in the right lighting and under a full moon and with certain accessories and when squinting with one eye and with our body tilted at a certain angle, we actually look pretty good.

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3 thoughts on “Sweating Off the Pounds

  1. “not to mention the circles of perspiration continuously residing under my armpits” hum sounds like you need a shower or bath!! 😛

    I totally get what you are saying and totally agree with you. I don’t know what it is, but sweating is rewarding and I love being covered in it after a hard workout. It lets me know that I put in the work to get to my fitness goals, and that I didn’t halfway do it. My personal saying is if you aren’t sweating then you really didn’t work out.

    Awesome job on the 3.5 miles!!

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