Hey, Those Goal Things Actually Work!

A few days ago I decided to create a list of October goals related to health and fitness. I’m a big fan of goals, though I haven’t really spent too much time on the monthly goal bandwagon.

I followed up with this whim by taking out a note card and etching down some things that I figured I’d be pretty happy to see happen this month. They included:


  1. Run a race
  2. Begin 10K training
  3. Have 2 bad days
  4. Attend 2 group fitness classes a week

And surprisingly, I’ve already seen steps being taken towards these goals.

  1. Run a race — I’m signed up for a 5K around the University of Maryland on Sunday the 6th. I’ve been sticking to my running quite well and am thrilled to be starting this month off on the right foot. Or the left foot, we’ll see once I actually begin the run.
  2. Begin 10K training — Printing the schedule was definitely a good start.
  3. Have 2 bad days — Last month I had 3 days where I overate terribly and binged on a lot of the food in my room. I feel as if it’d be unreasonable for me to expect perfection from myself, so I’ve limited the times I’d like to stumble to two. Well today, as on many weekends, I found myself in the Danger Zone. I had just eaten my second kashi bar after munching on some carrots and hummus when I went to reach for the cereal. Then I stopped and thought. Do I want to waste one of my bad days this early in the month? No. I put the cereal back down and started this post.
  4. Attend 2 group fitness classes a week — I love the group fitness classes that our school offers, and I know that if I make sure that I attend them I’ll feel happier from varying my workouts and getting better results.

october goals

Already the goals of the past have shaped my decisions of the future. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Even though I ate about 350 unnecessary calories tonight, my stomach is no where near bulging and I feel proud of myself for recognizing the behavior before it got out of hand.

Even if these goals see no other actions being taken towards them, I’m grateful for this tremendous start to the month of October.


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