An Unexpected Progress

netdiaryAbout a year ago, in the throngs of my highest-weight-ever-and-nonstop-eating-while-ignoring-that-such-thing-as-a-gym-exists phase, I downloaded a nutrition tracker app to help keep me accountable of what foods I was eating. The one I chose is called MyNetDiary. While it was a good tool for tracking my progress, I found it to be a little restricting that I had to constantly keep on top of what I was eating, and my eventual and inevitable frustration won in the long run, and I stopped using the app to track every meal (though I still refer to it when I need a quick nutrition summation of certain foods).

Yesterday, while enjoying my egg salad sandwich, I was hit by a whimsy of curiosity and decided to check on my handy dandy little tool what the nutrition content in such a sandwich would shape up to be. I discovered it equated to a moderate amount of calories (around 350) and a fine source of protein, but what’s more, I discovered the weight that I had last entered when I had used the app regularly.

It was 177 pounds.


I think I blocked that out.

For most of my life I’ve hovered around 150-160 pounds. As soon as I got to 177 I actually made a huge effort to lose the weight and in a manner of a few months I was back to around 160.

help scale

Then the summer came, and with it my frequent stops for Italian Ice, delicious and buttery seafood dinners, and relaxing nights spent escaping the heat in the AC; I seemed to maintain a weight of about 165. With a renewed enthusiasm for fitness as I headed off to school, I’ve been sticking to my plan so well and have managed to get back down to the 150 mark, where I hovered for most of high school. I looked at my progress so far as having lost 10 pounds. But that’s not true. I did in fact weight 177 pounds at one point, and seeing as that weight is gone now, my total number of pounds dropped is 27. I’ve lose nearly 30 pounds!

Just because I want to block out how I came to become truly overweight/obese for the first time in my life does not mean that I should ignore the tremendous work that I’ve done in order to get back to my regularly overweight self. And with having lost 30 pounds already, dropping another 10 sounds like a walk in the park.

Let’s do this thing!



3 thoughts on “An Unexpected Progress

  1. AWESOME!!!!!! It can be hard to remember our really low points in life, because once they have past we want to move on to the good times. I am not sayiing we should stay in the past, or relive those hardships everyday. But we need to remember when we have overcome hard times, so when the next hard time comes we can keep it in perspective. We should all remember the lessons of past hard times. If you don’t mind me asking, what is the weight you want to get down to?

    Again Congrats my friend!!!!

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