Caution: Approaching the Danger Zone

danger tape

Anyone who has ever been on a health kick/dieted/tried to change their lifestyle is fully aware of the Danger Zone. The Danger Zone is a place where you suddenly find yourself after a long day with too little to eat and a mound of work that needs to get accomplished before you can even begin to think about sleeping the stress of the day away.

IMG_2643After working a Color Run on campus for 5 hours with only a bowl  of Cheerios to tide me over, I could sense I was heading towards certain trouble. Then after a meager long overdo lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and an orange, I could see the Danger Zone coming into clearer focus. When I realized that I would be stained blue all day and didn’t have a hope of making it to the gym, my eyes started casually glancing around for that familiar yellow tape. And now that I have a whole list of chores to complete (involving homework, studying, laundry, shopping, and writing papers), I am staring down the bright and risky entrance that is the Danger Zone.

hp birthday

Now when I say Danger Zone, someone’s first thought may be of a horrifying place where mayhem and madness rule, carrying the very real risk of deadly harm. False. The DZ prides itself on having warm cookies and pizza to greet me with, and there wouldn’t be a care in the world while I was chowing down on popcorn and Twix bars and chocolate and Chex Mix. I just know they’d have some Disney movie or Harry Potter film playing to entice me to stay longer. And in the Danger Zone, the word “work” is the most foul of the four lettered words (both in terms of exercise and school). The real danger comes after your blissful oblivion, when you begin to count up your calories and look at the clock forlornly wishing that Time Turners were real.

But luckily I’ve seen the warning signs. My lack of eating balanced meals throughout the day, the stress I’m feeling towards my To-Do list, and the fact that my morning was eaten away by an exhausting event are all spinning me around in circles and pointing me in the direction of trouble.

So tonight, I’m prepared. I’ve got some water to combat my hunger, I’ve got some plans to study outside of my room and in a public area where binging on peanut butter is not socially acceptable, and I’ve got the knowledge that I’ve made such tremendous progress.

What does your Danger Zone look like? What are some signs that you’re approaching the DZ? What do you do to stay out?


9 thoughts on “Caution: Approaching the Danger Zone

  1. Go pet your cat or cats, and that will help relax you!!!

    I don’t know what my DZ would be. I guess I need to start paying attention and looking for it. I hope your Saturday evening plans go as planned!!

  2. Haha, I know the Danger Zone all too well! I actually took up knitting–if my hands are occupied, they can’t stuff my face (on the other hand, I’m still avoiding work…but I’m avoiding work WITH YARN!) You could knit a sweater for your cat. Or my cats. Just sayin.

    • That’s a really good idea and I’ve tried it with crocheting, but then I get too fed up with crocheting because my blanket is now so large and cumbersome and hot that it’s obnoxious. Maybe I’ll just play with my cat. Or your cat. Just sayin 🙂

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