Smart Choice Menu

Every week, the University of Maryland posts a specialized menu to their nutrition web page. Deep within the confines of the nutritional battlefield that is the college campus cafeteria, can be found  a ray of light, a prospect of hope for when that heat-lamp warmed pizza riddled with grease and untold delights seems almost too tempting to resist; there can be found, a Smart Choice Menu.

This smart choice menu has been my saving grace. Instead of relying on tuna fish sandwiches every day, the menu provides healthy options throughout the campus. I can mix it up between the salad station, the Mexican station, the pasta station, and I can still get my tuna fish on occasion. I’ve even taken to customizing it around my work schedule and to fit my pescetarian lifestyle.


But I seem to get a whole lot more than variety from this smart choice menu, I also receive:

  • The convenience of not having to scour the dining halls for healthy options
  • A variety that doesn’t get me fed up with healthy foods
  • Knowledge that it’s A-Okay to eat pizza every now and again
  • The joy of marking off a week of healthy eating
  • Support of my weight loss efforts from the University

I’m sure that I’m the only person in the entire universe of existence in both this and every other dimension who uses this smart choice menu. And that’s just fine with me. As long as this little scrap of paper keeps mixing up my meals and counting my calories, I’ll never have a reason to renounce it.


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