Hill-o Again

The reason that I decided to attend the University of Maryland was a simple one; aside from the outstanding amount of squirrels that roam the mall, the atmosphere around here is one of the quintessential college campus.

umd mall

Everywhere you look there is beauty to be observed. The mall, full of students lazing around in the sunshine; the Stamp, where kids line up around the block for Panda Express, Saladworks, and Maryland apparel; Campus Drive, which greets visitors with a flowery letter M and a scenic view of all that UMD has to offer.

umd campus

And the one thing connecting all off these great landmarks together?


I have lived in Maryland my whole entire life, and yet I never knew that we had so many hills until I attended this school.

You look to your left. Hill. Glance to the right. Hill. Look straight ahead. Yup, it’s a hill. Check under your feet. You’re standing on a hill.

I have been exercising regularly while I’ve been at school so far, but I swear that nothing has been as good for me as simply walking around campus and battling the landscape. I find myself going up a hill for a solid 15 minutes on my walk to the gym. But somehow, when I leave to go back home, I’m still walking up a hill.

Since I’m trying to push myself towards fitness I know that I can’t complain too much about all of these hills. Even though they make me sweat, they also do a heck of a job adding a bit of cardio into a simple walk to the dining hall.

All I can do is put on my walking shoes, brave those hills, and hope like crazy that the squirrels don’t get fed up with the mountainous terrain and leave for another campus.



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