Free to Be Me

I take after my cat in terms of laziness.

I take after my cat in terms of laziness.

Summer has found me reverting back to the person that I’ve come to be while at home. Lazy, gluttonous, mellow, and satisfied. A bump on a log with the occasional bouts of movement.

But, after a brief visit to my college, I could already feel inspiring emotions and traits coursing through my veins in a way that brought new life into my worn and too well rested body.

In just one day, I felt the confidence, drive, motivation, enthusiasm, and sheer pleasure accompanied with the healthy lifestyle that I learned to lead while away at the University of Maryland.

It seems that while you’re at college, you have the potential to be whomever you want. You’re not bogged down by the mistakes of your past, but are lifted higher by the desire to determine your worth.

IMG_2070At college, I have free time to devote to the gym, all of my friends enjoy exercising, I can control what foods I eat and am no longer at the whim of my mother’s poor dietary choices, and I feel so much more confident in every decision that I make. I am free to be myself, and it turns out that myself is a pretty healthy happy person.

In fact, my freshman year of college, I lost 10 pounds (of my then-usual 150 pounds) and was at the lowest weight of my young adult life.


This year, I’d like to get back to that weight of 140 pounds. I’m giving myself the whole school year to drop 25 pounds. And I know that if I love life along the way and take time for myself, my face will be transformed from my tremendous weight loss and constant smiling.


6 thoughts on “Free to Be Me

  1. “You’re not bogged down by the mistakes of your past, but are lifted higher by the desire to determine your worth.” I know exactly what you mean! I felt that way when I was in college, especially when I was studying abroad and everything was new and different from my life back home.

    I haven’t read all of your past posts, but is there something you could do about how you eat when you’re at home? Do you have to eat whatever your mom makes, or could you try to involve yourself more so she’ll use fresher, lighter ingredients?

    • I usually ended up cooking my own meals or eating out, but it’s difficult because I had 2 unpaid internships and didn’t have a lot of money to spend on food. I don’t think I did that badly this summer, and I’m just waiting until school to really kick things off right 🙂 Also I’m so jealous that you studied abroad, that’s my one college regret

      • I have plenty of friends who have gone abroad after college, usually through a teaching English abroad program (South Korea, Thailand). I don’t know what your major is, but you might want to look into it!

      • In theory I would love to do something like that (I’m also an English major). However, I’m such a homebody that I know I just couldn’t leave my family haha

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