The Sweetest Place on Earth

Yesterday, I had a showdown at Hershey Parkwith Hershey Park.

And I won!

hershey park characters

My showdown began with my friends suggesting a visit to the park of our childhoods, progressed to me planning out how I would avoid drooling over chocolate at every corner, and ended with me being as happy and healthy as ever.

Hershey Park’s temptations:

  • Lazing around in lines
  • Chocolate
  • Riding the railroad and monorail everywhere
  • Chocolate
  • Attending the shows and sitting on my butt all day
  • Chocolate
  • So many food and candy stands
  • Chocolate

chocolate ack!

This was the first time that I made a plan to avoid temptation, and I actually followed through with it. True, I won a giant sized chocolate bar after participating in a character show (which is the highlight of my summer), but, what’s more important is how I didn’t throw away all of my hard work for the chance to break me off a piece of that KitKat bar.

I had an absolutely amazing time smelling chocolate, riding rides, and spending time with my friends in the last days of summer. And what’s even better, I did it all while staying fit and remaining healthy! Woohoo for small victories!

My triumphs:

  • Walking all around the park all day and not stopping, even with achy feet
  • My vegetarian gyro
  • Dancing around at the shows that I did attend
  • A small serving of (cheesy) popcorn
  • Running through the roller coaster lines
  • Constant visits to the water fountain
  • Not attacking the dancing bars of chocolate with a slobbery grin on my face
  • Being aware of my health and recognizing that happiness can exist without candy

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