Here We Go Again

One more trip to Ocean City for the summer.

One more chance to make healthy goals for vacation.

One more chance to not eat everything in sight and to try and spend my days actively having fun and working off the little indulgences I’ve allowed myself.

Considering I had a bit too much Chex Mix last night, I’m not expecting too much out of myself. But I have stuck to exercising regularly even if my eating habits aren’t too stellar. Sound familiar?

eating status

I’m starting to recognize these same patterns no matter the time or location of my weight loss journey.

I go great, I get fed up, I eat one bad thing, I get fed up, I go bad, I get fed up, I go great, I get fed up, I eat one bad thing and on and on and on until the fat lady is so tired of singing that she’s had to call in a replacement and is now enjoying her retirement down in Boca Raton while eating ice cream and occasionally checking my blog to see that yes, my weight loss still ain’t over.

now for something completely different

But here is something completely new. Since I’ve become a pescetarian, I’ve made an oath with my significant other. As long as I stay healthy, I am allowed to not eat meat.

I know it sounds a bit strange, but it goes a little somethin’ like this. He is a bit upset by the fact that I will no longer be eating meat (justifiably so, as it changes his life as well), though he is very supportive of my efforts to try and achieve and retain a healthy lifestyle. He’s agreed that as long as I am living healthily, he will go along with this whole pass on the pork thing. In return, I get some support of my new lifestyle and encouragement to eat better and exercise.

Finally, I’m mixing it up and liking how things are shaking out!


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