A Reason to Eat

Eureka! I’ve discovered something marvelous; I should eat more!

Over the past couple of days I’ve been eating not so stellarly, binging every chance I get, stressing out over my food choices, and dreading any trip to the kitchen for fear that I won’t be able to control myself.

And what do all of these binge days have in common? I go about 6 hours without eating. Just me, some stress, and a growling stomach that makes noises reminiscent of an irate monster (or an adorable Pooh Bear)

pooh bear rumbly tumbly

I use to always snack in between meals, but since I’m watching my budget in addition to my weight, I’ve cut down on the amount of food I have on hand.

food clockTo try and combat my stomach’s cravings of gut busting foods, I’m going to try carrying around healthier options that will constantly keep me feeling satisfied no matter the time of day and when I last ate.

Who would have thought that my weight loss efforts could be sabotaged from not eating enough? But, I’m loving the chance I’ve given myself to eat more! (Provided it’s healthy of course…)


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