Walkin’ On Sunshine

Lately, it’s been hot. Darn hot. In addition to frizzing up my hair, this heat and humidity has banished me to the air conditioned, yet slightly depressing basement in order to complete my workouts.

I’ve been able to run on the treadmill or ellipticize on the elliptical while watching TV, reading a book, or enjoying the hum of the AC unit, but unfortunately I’ve missed out on a lot of green gleeful great things that come with exercising outside.

When I realized this morning that I had a brief window of opportunity to actually workout, I leaped at the chance (I think my feet literally left the ground with excitement), laced up my shoes, and hit the neighborhood trails.

At first, I contemplated running outside, but it was so beautiful and nice and fresh out that I wanted to savor every minute of the bluest skies and cutest bunny rabbits hopping by. So I walked. I walked for 45 minutes. I walked while listening to positive and upbeat music. I walked and waved to neighbors I had long neglected. I walked with a smile on my face. I walked on sunshine.

Yay outdoors!

Yay outdoors!

Exercise promotes happiness, but I’d forgotten that while starring at the dusty yellow walls in my basement. It just took a change of scenery and an excited demeanor to completely reinvigorate my feelings towards exercise. Woohoo!


Sorry, I would have taken more pictures, but I was busy exercising!


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