Bring the Butter, Skip the Soda

DSCN0882Last week, I chronicled my worries and fear regarding my food and fitness level while on vacation in Ocean City, MD. (Click HERE for a recap)

While I had a blast dipping my toes in water so frigid it numbed my lower extremities in seconds, I also had a great time interacting with food. By great, I mean mediocre. And I’ll take it!

Yes, I admit, I splurged on some favorite dishes of mine such as buttery sauteed sea scallops at Phillip’s and sweet and cheesy Dough Roller pizza.


But, it’s important to know that I also avoided desserts after such deliciously decadent dinners and I faithfully toted around my water bottle. I also made some smartish ordering decisions, such as opting for tuna salad on wheat and splitting large dinner meals with others. Additionally, I loaded up our home with smart snacks like pretzels and crunchy cereal to keep my cravings to a minimum. Not to mention all of the exercise I got in biking around the neighborhood, beating my family at mini golf, and playing with my cat.

No, I didn’t stick to munching on salads the whole vacation, but yes, I did a great job of treating myself while remembering my fitness goals and nutritional progress.

If you’d like to know more about my happy and healthy trip, I’m going to post an update on Living the Life with lovely pictures of the beach and some fun fireworks I witnessed on the 4th.


2 thoughts on “Bring the Butter, Skip the Soda

  1. This is SO WONDERFUL. I had a bit of a hard time while on vacation, letting myself splurge once a day and drinking my way through Napa. But, I didn’t fall so far off the wagon that I couldn’t get right back on coming home! Maybe I will give in to vacationing more if I am better with my food and movement choices while on said vacations 🙂 Happy Monday!

    • Absolutely! There’s no way you can avoid all of the temptations while on vacation, so you just have to find a way to live with them and keep your head in the game. I’m really an all or nothing person, so this is usually pretty difficult for me.

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