sad motivation

I have weeks where I am driven, focused, and determined to lose weight and sustain a healthier lifestyle. I focus on veggies, run with abandon, and breath in the power and potential of my body with each movement. But lately I can’t seem to get myself to that healthy niche where I’d like to reside. I begin the mornings well with a cup of cheerios and skim milk, but by lunch time I’m snacking on ice cream sandwiches and bumming around watching reruns of Lost.

I’ve never had a rock bottom experience that motivates me to go on my health kick. Instead, one day I just notice that my pants are fitting tighter and I make the effort to change. It’s simple, but recently that hasn’t been enough.


I just got through a semester at college where I did a wonderful job of exercising and eating well with the support of my friends. I’m worried that I lost my motivation when I lost their presence in my life and the ease of exercising at my own free will.

So now comes the problem, getting properly motivated in a way that will allow me to sustain a healthy lifestyle at least until the end of summer. However, I can’t really find anything that will make this time different. I need something to snap me into focus and keep me there. Once I get going being healthy, nothing can stop me, but first I need to get going.

Any ideas on how to recommit myself to health?

love enough to move


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